Epacket Tracking

01.       Particulars of license:

Ι.          For an individual or incorporated Compay:

  1. Name                     :
  2. Address                 : Factory :   

 Epacket Tracking Office   :

  •  Nature of business:

Ι.Ι.       For a firm:                  

  1. Name of Firms      :
  2. Business Address :
  3. Nature of Business :

And the following particulars in respect of each persons having any proprietory interest in the term.

  1. Name                                 :
  2. Business Address             :
  3. Description                        :
  4. Description of goods to be wareohoused:

List enclosed

  • Whether any goods other than those belonging to the license or for which he is an agent or intended to be warhouded.
  • Particulars of maximum stock intended to be held in the warehouse at any time:
  • No. of packages                :
  • Value                                 :
  • Duty                                  :

Note : In the case spirit intended for denaturation, this should be separately specified.

05.       Particulars of maximum stock actually held any one time under the expirieng licence (for use in case of renewals only)

  1. Date                                   :
  2. No. of packages                :
  3. Value                                 :
  4. Duty                                  :

Particulars of any changes in proprietorship of the firm since date if 1st renewal (to be filled in only by firm supplying for renewal).

  •        Particulars of premises to be licensed:
  • Name and address of owner :
  • Place at which situated (factory cum warehouse):
  • Dimension:

Raw Material Store Room                                                Finished goods store Room

                   Room no  :                                                           Room no         :

                   Length      :                                                           Length             :

                   Breadth    :                                                           Breadth           :

                   Height      :                                                           Height             :

07.       Distance from the customs House      :

            From Customs House Chittagong      :

            From Chalan sea port                          :

            From Dhaka Airport                           :

            From Benapole                                   :

            From North Commissionerate             :

Note: If more than one godown is to be Licensed separate particulars should be giv for each if

necessary on a necessary sheet.

  • Name and Address of Banker of other person to whom reference may be nade regarding the

Epacket Tracking financial status or the license:

I/ We declare the above particulars to be turn and apply for the grant / renewal of the licence under  section 13, Customs act, 1969 in accordance therewith.

Date:                                                                                       Signature of the applicant

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