Electromagnetic Vibration Table

  1. Size(LWH): 353510 CM for Electromagnetic Vibration Table
  2. Monitor: LCD display
  3. Material: Aluminum rust
  4. Test load: 50KG
    5.Voltage: 220V 2KW
  5. Amplitude: 0-5mm
  6. Vibration direction: vertical
  7. Vibration wave string: sine wave
  8. Time control: 1-999H, M.
  9. Vibration frequency: 50HZ fixed frequency

Manual rolling wheel

Model: LX-8861
2 speed: manual

  1. Pressure load: 2000 ± 50g
    4.wheel width: 45mm
  2. Wheel diameter: diameter 83mm
  3. Rubber thickness: 6mm
  4. Rubber hardness: HS80 ± 5

Workers Safety Issue

  • areas not found in approved building plan e.g. dining area
  • Building Stability Certificate missing
  • cartons/items kept above 6 feet high, e.g. in fabric and finished goods store. Factory should indicate height limit in relevant areas to avoid going above.
  • contaminated products (based on metal detection check) not kept in a segregated area away from production and procedure not in place for their safe disposal
  • DB , electric supply channel board and electric switchboards are made of wood, should rather be steel or anything similar that is non-flammable
  • diesel barrels not stored separately and not protected to avoid accidents
  • electric wires used without plug
  • electrical control panels blocked e.g. in dining area
  • electrical installations not checked periodically in a scheduled and recorded manner
  • elevator operator’s permit not up-to-date and not available at the factory for inspection
  • health & safety training is not recorded
  • last upper stair found much higher than other stairs i.e. double, needs to be even
  • no danger sign posted on electrical panel boards
  • no safety cover installed for some switches
  • no workers participation and welfare fund to share benefit
  • noise risk assessment not undertaken to avoid e.g. excessive noise of generator near production area
  • pin used to mark button position
  • razor blade found in winding section
  • sharp tool policy not in place and not effective, incl. records for the use of tag guns and their needles. Any sharp tools should be counted in and out on a daily basis (incl. tweezers).
  • workers insurance policies not kept up to date