Dyeing Machine Controller

Automation definition of controllers for dyeing machine are equipped with advanced operating system for industrial automation. These controllers use programming language which results in the reduced process time. The panels of these controllers have separate inverter, choke, spacious panel and several excellent features of automated systems. However for safety purposes, these controllers  is installed with automation technology  and equipped with limit switches, separate pressure switches, air inlet pressure failure alarm. Dyeing Machine Controller is used in all dyeing machine like Jet Dyeing MachineJigger Dyeing Machine etc

Functions of Dyeing Machine Controller:

The functions of dyeing machine controller is given here –

  • A modern and latest controller is designed based at Windows operating system.
  • Size of colour display 12” TFT and 800×600 pixels, touch screen and internal PLC system
  • World wide accepted standard field and bus for the connection of automation components e.g. remote PLC I/O boards.
  • This standard controller is suitable for machine against any computer virus and trojans.
  • It offers a window based user interface and icons for a simple functions.
  • It provide animated multi screens process overview.
  • It provide large graphical user interface with user friendly and simple  operation and provide touch screen buttons for manual control of the system

Features of Controller Developed by Automation Engineer:

The features of Industrial Automation o dyeing machine controller is stated here-

Dyeing machine controler run by automation engineer
Dyeing Machine Controller
  • Touch screen for dyeing controllers for industrial automation
  • Reduce process time by  automated systems
  • Language support and programmed by automation engineer
  • Automated systems
  • Internet access for automation system
  • USB port works as automation technology
  • Automation technology
  • Ethernet port for automation systems
  • Dyeing programs storage for automated systems
  • Can integrate with chemical dispensing by automation engineer
  • Exact temperature gradient control by automation engineer
  • Programmable automated dosing for dyes & chemicals for automation engineer
  • Control of differential pressure
  • Seam detector
  • Jet washing system available in automated systems
  • Spacious panel for easy working
  • Electrical accessories standard
  • Separate pressure switches for overpressure alarm
  • Air inlet pressure failure alarm
  • Stand by extra temperature controller in automated systems

Centralized Programmable Automation Controller:

To provide an optimal overview of computer generated programmable automation controller is divided in different areas/panes:

programmable automation controller
Programmable Automation Controller

Menubar: From there you can close the Program, get information about Info word’s and bits and Help.

Toolbar: Select one of the Icon’s to Start, Stop or Halt the controller

Controller Status: In the Controller status pane information’s about the actual batch status of the controller is displayed.

Batch Information: In this area information about the actual running batch is displayed.

Program Information: The pane with the program information has two different views:

Event Window: For debug information this window is used.

Controller Status:

In the Controller status pane information’s about the actual batch status of the controller is displayed.

Machine: First select the machine that should be operated with CONTROLLER INTERVENTION. Click on the arrow icon of the drop-down field and select a machine from the list.

Controller Type: Information’s about the used controller type is displayed here. The displayed controller type corresponds to the controller definition, set in the SedoMaster ONFIGURATION.

Batch: The batch number which was assigned during batch planning is displayed here.

Production No. The production number which was assigned from SedoMaster is displayed here.

Controller State: Possible Controller states:

  • Program Stopped
  • Program Started
  • Program Halted
  • Program Continue
  • Program Question
  • Program End

Batch Status: Possible batch status-

  • Batch Empty
  • Batch Loaded
  • Batch Started
  • Batch Finished
  • Batch Aborted
  • Batch Interrupted

Batch Information of Batch Controller:

In this area information about the actual running batch controller is displayed.There are five property sheets with batch information of batch controller. Click on the corresponding tab of a property sheet to display the information.

batch controller
Batch Controller

Text + Add. Text: Each 10 batch texts, as well as the batch color, which was defined during the planning is displayed per property sheet.

Start and Stop a Machine:

To start or stop a controller (machine), there are two ways:

[1]Use the icons from the toolbar:

  • Starts the controller
  • Stops the controller

[2]Or click in the window Steps with the right mouse button and select the option Start or Stop from the shortcut menu. Or If the machine was started, the icon in the status of the controller changes from STOP to RUN

Calculated Additions From a Recipe System:

In case a recipe system is connected to SedoMaster it is possible that information from recipe system can be utilized for the addition that should be used, e.g. which additional program should be used. Also treatment parameter which are used in additional treatments can be calculated by the recipe system. If an addition was calculated by the recipe system, this information is transferred to the SedoMaster System. If a recipe system is connected, this dialog box has an additional button OK (showing two test tubes as icon), showing that for this batch an addition was calculated from the recipe system. Do not select an addition from the dialog box but click on the button OK. In case, all parameter values are already filled in, you can send the addition to the controller by clicking on OK. In the example above only the first treatment parameter were filled in by the recipe system. But the Temperature parameter must be defined manually.

Double-click on the unknown parameter value. A dialog box Parameter Value is displayed. Define the value for the treatment parameter This way, a maximum of 10 additions can be loaded in the controller. The additions are only valid for this batch and the changes do not infl uence the treatments and processes which are defined in the SedoMaster EDITOR.

Note: If a addition is sent once more (this means the same additional treatment) the addition already loaded in the controller is not deleted or overwritten. When selecting a addition in a sample step, the same addition is displayed two times.

Set Machine to Halt is Automation Jobs:

To halt a machine is automation jobs that is different from to stop a machine. The difference between halt and stop is, that for a stop all active functions are switched off. For a halt all active functions which are processed at the moment are still running further. After the set values for the functions are reached, the function is finished, but he next function is not started. In case the function is a circulation function, the previously set temperature is kept to maintain the automation jobs.

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