DreamHost cPanel Access and Security Management

DreamHost cPanel Access and Security Management

Adding a domain

>> Go to Manage Websites page

>> Click the Add Website button

>> Make a selection from the following four options: Enter a domain or subdomain or Create a subdomain or Register a new domainegister your domain name.

>> click the Next: Hosting button

>> click the Next: Options button

>> Installing WordPress and Setup Website


DreamHost Automated Migration WordPress plugin

>> Install DreamHost Automated Migration free WordPress plugin

>> Add a hosting plan

>> Install WordPress as a One Click Install.

>> As a result Make sure user assigned to your domain

>> Find Migration Key in Managed WordPress page or Manage Websites

>>  Installing and activating the plugin in old site

>> Enter Email and Migration Token (The Migration Key from your DreamHost panel)

>> Click the Migrate button when finished.

>> Checking your migrated site and making it live on DreamHost

>> View your DreamHost site using a hosts file

>> Change nameservers at your current host

For details: help.dreamhost.com/hc/en-us/articles/360035448951

Accessing to File Manager

to the Manage Websites page

click on Manage button

Now Navigating directories, Uploading files or folders, Downloading files and folders, Fetching a file from a URL, Editing files, Extracting zip files, Creating a new file or folder,Changing permissions, Deleting a file or folder

How to Delete a Website Files From Dreamhost Panel

Click Manage my Apps.

Remove from List button

example.com only files sub-directory are deleted and the empty website directory will remain

>> Go to the Install WordPress page

Click on Manage Installed Applications button.

Click on Delete all Files button from the right side. When you click Delete all Files, only the files are deleted.

You can visit this link for more details: help.dreamhost.com/hc/en-us/articles/215916107

How to Delete a Website Database From Dreamhost Panel

Find desired Database, click the Delete DB button. If Delete button does not display go to your One-Click Install

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