Proforma Invoice Template

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Software Sale: We have designed it as ERP Software as all garments manufacturer can store their data into system

Proforma Invoice Definition

Proforma invoice PI is defined as an pre-invoice which is sent to a customer before they receive product. For customers generally, it serves two major purposes. Firstly a PI – proforma invoice allows buyer to see estimates on what their invoice will be – shipping cost, product cost, processing fees and more. Secondly the proforma invoice -PI format is a record to be presented to customs agents when attempting to import or export items.

Example: ==============Machine Seller   ->   Garments Manufacturer ==========================


.                                                               Proforma Invoice

No. 215487BA03                                                                                                               Date : 2017/8/24

M/S. AUTO GARMENTS LIMITED   Lokerpara Ghatail , Tangail Ghatail, Tangail Bangladesh. 00880 1792525356Exporter/Beneficiary :   FAKO INT’L TRADING CO. Flat E, 500/F, Tower 4, Residence Oasis, 15 Puip Road, Tseung Kwan O, N.T. Tel: 00855 2222 0055
Shipment : By Air                   Within : 2 Days after received of TT             Origin : China
From : Any China Air Port                                                                 To : Dhaka Bangladesh
Price in US Dollar Basis Dhaka, Bangladesh.   Carton Capital Machinery H. S. Code No. 245.80.00.
SL   No.                        DescriptionQntyUnit Price in   U.S. DollarTotal Price in   U. S. Dollar

01. 1220 FLEXO PRINTER DIE FORM 01 1 pcs   S.$  100.00       U.S.$  100.00

Brand :  FAKO

Model : 12000×2000

02. 1220 FLEXO PRINTER DIE FORM 02 1 pcs       S.$  100.00       U.S.$  100.00

Brand :  FAKO

Model : 10200×2000

03. SLOTTER KNIFE L213x7—01 1 pcs   S.$  100.00       U.S.$  100.00

Brand :  FAKO

Model : 12000×2000

04. SLOTTER KNIFE –02 1 pcs   S.$  100.00       U.S.$  100.00

Brand :  FAKO

Model : 12000×2000

05. SLOTTER KNIFE L285.57 x 9–03 1 pcs   S.$  100.00       U.S.$  100.00

Brand :  FAKO

Model : 12000×2000

06. SLOTTER KNIFE L96.14 x 9–04 1 pcs   S.$  100.00       U.S.$  100.00

Brand :  FAKO

Model : 12000×2000

07. SLOTTER KNIFE L288.06 x 8 1 pcs       S.$  100.00       U.S.$  100.00

Brand :  FAKO

Model : 12000×2000

08. SLOTTER KNIFE L289.97x 7–01 1 pcs       S.$  100.00       U.S.$  100.00

Brand :  FAKO

Model : 12000×2000

SLOTTER KNIFE 02 1 pcs   U.S.$  100.00       U.S.$  100.00

Brand :  FAKO

Model : 12000×2000

Grand Total U.S.$ 9,00.00

Packing                       : International Standard Exportable Sea Packing.

Payment                      : full payment by TT,

Bank : Declare your Bank Name as follows:

Beneficiary:    FAKO INT’L TRADING CO.

Bank:    HSBC Hong Kong

Beneficiary Bank Code: 005

Swift Code:    HSBCHLLKHKH

A/C No.:     5689-54265-222

Shipment                     : Within 2days after payment.

Insurance                     : Covered by Buyer

Validity                            : 30 Days

The Seller:  FAKO                                                                 The Buyer: AUTO GARMENTS LIMITED

Signature:                                                            Signature:

Date:   2016/8/24                                                 Date:  2016/8/24

Example:  ================== Accessories Company to Garments Factory =================


INVOICE NO. NAA/Beng/0/2018                                                          DT: 25-04-20132





01.PRINTED POLY BAG3167/dz$1.50$4750.50
02.BLISTER POLY BAG100/dz$2.50$250.00

IN WORDS: Five Thousand & Cents Fifty only.

Payment :Payment will be made US Dollar on Bangladesh Bank.   A. By Irrevocable Back To Back Letter of Credit at 90 days sight from the date of Negotiation. B. PI should be attached with LC copy
Production:Subject to receipt of L/C & UD
Time of Negotiation:60 Days indicating partial delivery allowed.   15 Days from the date of shipment. Partial & Transshipment is allowed.
Interest:Interest of usance  period at LIBOR rate on Openers Account.
Insurance:Insurance to be covered by the LC Opener.
Bank Charges:All Bank Charges are on openers Account.
Overdue Interest:Payment to be made within the date of maturity   If failed overdue interest to be paid by opener at 20%
Claim :Supplier (Beneficiary) is not liable more than the value of  this invoice in case of any claim in future
Complain:Complain regarding quality / quantity of  the merchandise should Reach to supplier within 7  (seven) Days after receiving goods.
UD Terms:Product details, qty, value and beneficiary’s name must be mentioned  in the UD
LC Transfer:LC must be transferable and third party documents acceptable

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