Deviation of Supply Of Steel Parts Material

Supply Of Steel Parts Material

The allegation pertaining to short supply of steel material parts and the deviation concerning the production space of Mas Composite Mills Ltd was informed to you vide our letter under reference A and B. In spite of your slow paced responses we kept on requesting you to clarify the variation and differences identified by our consulting firm TRE. At the meeting which was held under our insistence on —— March 2018, you affirmed to provide your reply within a short time. Your answer to the problems that you sent vide your letter under reference C, was scrutinized and validated by our consulting firm WASO thoroughly and found the report utterly erroneous and flawed with lot of mistakes, thus the report of TRE stands correct.

In view of the same we trying ceaselessly to get in touch with you with the telephone number you have given but due to any reason you don’t respond to our calls. Lack of information and communication gap has heightened the crisis further.

Besides the aforementioned facts, it appears that you have unilaterally stopped working on the construction site. Devoid of any person of AAS on the construction spot, building materials are littered in a disorganized way. The situation out there is totally messy and chaotic. We tried to contact you in your given telephone number but sadly though, there is no response from the other side. Please bear in mind that the rainy season is imminent and during monsoon the works gets normally delayed and is problematic for any kind of construction works.

In view please restart the work immediately and ensure that the said work is completed by 20 May 2009. Forwarded for your information and necessary action please.

Cause of Migration

  • Salary insufficient as per demand
  • R&D’s policy/styling problem (Assessment problem – which is not marinating in surrounding factory)
  • Quality pressure
  • Attendance bonus TK. 500
  • Old worker discourage to new employee
  • Huge work load & no relax time than others factory
  • Quality Inspector has given pressure from the beginning of joining of new worker
  • New workers used to work at previous Factory with taking asst. operator but in our factory they work without asst. operator and as a result they left factory
  • Salary structure according to R&D study is not sufficient (example- operator may efficient in two process, based on that R&D has proposed wages but they demand more as because workers stated they got more wages in previous factory.
  • If change line or process workers being irritated & left the factory
  • Supervisors promise to increase wages of worker when they failed to increase wages, worker left the factory.
  • Operator has been selected in first day with sufficient wages as demand/negotiated, after that he/she didn’t come in next day.
  • Usually workers not interested to come from far distance

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