Fire Problems

We  should do of  regular Fire Problems awareness  Program un-announcement  . But  at present we are doing fire drill  semi announce. “NO MORE FIRE. SAVE LIFE”. It should be the common slogan for all. We desire a fire free RMG division. We want to build up a new generation where every worker has a sound knowledge about fire safety. By an internal fire safety audit we can rectify our present problems and take a proper initiative to solve those problems. Read about Fire Drill Procedure In the Workplace

If we are not conduct any internal fire safety audit that time we can’t find out any hazardous issue then in case of emergency we may fall in a dangerous threat. Therefore we make a schedule for internal fire safety audit. For a sustainable compliance we should keep a sharp eye on this kind of issue like fire safety. To establish a fire free RMG division we all are work together. Our main aim & objective is come out from darkness and enlighten themselves with minimum fire safety knowledge. Fire is an important part of our daily lives and the bottom line is that fire has so many uses. However, despite of this fact, fire is one of the biggest causes of fatalities, injuries, and damages. Fire is not directly the cause of the disaster but the improper use and irresponsible handling of it. This is why, fire safety is a very important topic that all of us should be aware and knowledgeable of. From the word ‘Fire’, it can be illustrated in way from which we can understand regarding the necessary actions that should be carried out during fire. …

The elaboration of Fire –

F – Find the fire (Detection of fire)

I – Identify the spot and Inform(Press fire alarm switch, By shouting, By telephone, By strike gong bell)

R –  Rescue and Restrict (Rescue all people & for restrict use fire extinguisher, Hose reel and other equipment )

E – Extinguish the fire

  • Factory should have provide auto smoke detectors detectors. Did any fire fighter announce by the public address system how to evacuate properly during the fire drill?
  • Did workers follow the exit plan and evacuate properly?
  • Did workers turn off the machines?
  • Did fire fighter turn off the main switch of the factory?
  • Did the IPS (Independent Power System) work during the fire drill?
  • Did workers assemble to safety places?
  • Did the responsible persons report to fire safety chief or safety manger regarding head count after Fire Problems ?
  • Did the responsible person report
  • All exits were open and unblocked?
  • Did the fire fighter react as per fire fighting procedure?
  • Did the Evacuation team react as per evacuation procedure?
  • Were any worker found carrying their belongings (Shoes, Bag, Tiffin carrier etc.)
  • Did office staff evacuate the buildings?
  • Did the visitors evacuate the building properly?
  • Performance of factory Fire Fighting team?
  • Performance of factory Fire First Aid team?
  • Behavior of the Security

Generally Fire evacuation drill will be unannounced in any particular  day/night for  trained all workers & staff if fire incident occur.  At first designated person will press Fire Alarm switch. After ranging the alarm all workers & staffs (except Fire fighting team) immediately proceed to nearest exit and leave the factory through staircase move directly to the Fire assembly area.


The Fire Fighting teams help to other to evacuate easily and safely from the factory also take preparation for further actions as per their responsibilities. They checked into the factory and ensured that nobody has presented or injured inside the factory premises during the Fire Problems. Every month   should conduct fire drill for train workers and staff for facing any emergency.