Datacolor Guardian

Datacolor guardian is color analysis software tool testing lab that is support based software which is essential for monitoring instrument, predictive maintenance, diagnostic testing of spectrophotometers. Data color gives us perfect solution to monitor the performance of periodic diagnostic testing.  Minimum system configuration of to install the tool testing lab software is Operating Systems-Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows7. v .NET Framework 3.0 – SP1

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Spectrophotometer supported by the Datacolor Instrument Driver package. The main benefits of datacolor guardian are -52mm Sphere Instrument and Current” Datacolor Color Application/Soflware (for more information consult your Datacolor application specialist). Install Datacolor Tools 1.0 before installing this software.

How to Install Colour Lab Software:

The procedure of colour lab software is given below –

  1. First connect the spectrophotometer to your computer and it is properly configured or not
  2. Correct white calibration data loaded. If you feel unsure, please contact your Datacolor Service Representative to know more about colour lab software
  3. Insert the the Datacolor Guardian CD into CDROM
  4. Then search the exe file for colour lab software
  5. Then click the Guardianlnstaller.exe
  6. Towards the end of the installation a Communication Settings Wizard will ask you how Guardian will communicate the test results. This is the data you will need to provide some information
  7. Provide contact information, this is the person to be contacted (by e-mail and phone) when Datacolor has to provide feedback.
  8. Provide company information.
  9. Provide communication type of guardian can output the test data via Mail or File Transfer (a Folder/Directory on the local hard drive or a network drive).
  10. Configure E-Mail
  11. Related to the e-mail configuration (topic 3 and 4) you may need to contact your IT Department to obtain the information needed here.
  12. After finishing installation get serial number from datacolor colour lab software company

colour lab software
Serial Number

Load the Diagnostics Tile for Colour Measurement :

  • Diagnostics tools of colour measurement software is given below –
  • Click on the import reference data button or from the main menu: File > Import Reference Data. Running Guardian:
  • First click windows start button
  • Than click  All Programs
  • Than  click Datacolor Spectrum
  • Then click on the Guardian Icon on the Windows desktop.
  • Performing the tests:
  • Click on the Start Diagnostics button  (bottom-left of the screen) to open colour measurement software.

Spectro Photometer Instrument Calibration:

Instrument calibration of spectrophotometer is a function that everybody should perform on a daily basis. This schedule compensates for any changes to the instrument over time that can affect the accuracy of the measurement. You must calibrate the instrument of spectrophotometer separately for each condition you should use. This includes changes to aperture size, Specular Component Included/Specular Component Excluded settings, and reflectance/transmittance modes. For starting the calibration schedule, do the following:

  1. After selecting instrument calibration conditions, click the Calibrate button on the button bar. The Preparation for Calibration dialog box displays.
  2. Place the black trap over of the spectrophotometer the measurement port, and click the Ready button. If the instrument does not have a black standard, or black trap, click the Ready button to continue. The Prepare for Calibration window reappears when the measurement is completed.
  3. Set the white calibration tile over the measurement port of photometer and click the Ready Button located on the top.
  4. When the second measurement of tile of spectro photometer is completed, a message displays indicating the calibration was successful. Finally click Close.

Colour measurement process:

Color matching for solid dyed 100% cotton:  Color development by machine, the customers swatch usually happen on the exact type of fabric that customer will be using for bulk production. This information is noted on the lab dip requisite form.But if the exact fabric is not available to ATL lab request for the fabric is to customer through marketing. Customer either may choose to send the fabric to lab which usually delay the color development process or may permit for color developing on available fabric at ATL. In such case color development on the bulk fabric is very important before going to bulk production. Color development process on the bulk fabric is explained in laboratory general specification.Color reading for the customer swatch for obtaining base recipe or matching of customer swatch to the developed sample can be done in two ways-

Visual matching:  For obtaining a base recipe closer to the customer sample laboratory technician look for a similar shade of previous sample fabric from the reference library. The reference library consist of a reference along with varying degrees of shade with an identified variation form the reference sample such as delta equal to 0-1.0 . These sample acts as the calibration reference to the customer swatch.

Instrumental color matching procedure: A base recipe can also be found by scanning the customer swatch in data color. Here follow the detail procedure for measuring sample and obtaining data color recommended recipe specified in lab general specification.

Colour Lab Process:

The following colour labprocess is followed –

  • Dyes and auxiliaries based on the base recipe are weighted using a balance or with an electronic pipette.
  • Weighted dyes are mixed with 500 ml of water and stirred for 2 min.
  • According to the quality of the fabric padder Mathis is adjusted (usually 60% pick up). Than the sample fabric is set in the machine and dye liquor is poured in for padding.
  • The padded sample is put on a frame and than in the Mathis drying and curing machine and then set time and temperature. The sample is dried and takes from the frame.
  • Next the sample is washed based on the washing condition.
  • Than the sample is dried using an iron.
  • It is than set in the light box and inspected for colour lab matching.
  • If the colour lab match with the customer sample than the trial ends and the sample is developed; if not then the recipe id adjusted and trial is continues following the same process until a sample match happens.
  • Trial information is noted and each trial sample is attached on the lap dip worksite.

Facts of Color Tiles of Color Analysis Software :

The facts of color analysis software is given below –

Ceramic is widely recognized as a stable mate rial for color tandards. However, color in any material can shift with changes in temperature. It is important to measure these tiles promptly after affixing them to the spectrophotometer and removing them from the instrument as soon as the measurement is taken. The color analysis software is very helpful for colour measurement system. To run the datacolor guardian with spectrophotometer we need a good computer.

Engr. Kh. Mashiur Rahman, Garments Auto Machine Technologist, Web:, Email:, Cell: +88 017 92 52 53 54