Cutting Supervisor Job Responsibility

Cutting Supervisor Job Responsibility

As per Management decision you are promoted as   a Senior Supervisor Cutting from October 01, 2007 .Management wish to perform your new responsibility as per following Job description given below.

  • Full fill the day requirement of both the factory before 2-30pm.
  • Issuing the Cut panel both factories according to the production plan.
  • Check under your supervisior & Numbering girls are doing correct job or not
  • Check & monitor the hourly cut panel supply.
  • Check with their cutting according your requirement or not.
  • Attend the daily production meeting & discuss your problem.
  • Visit the both factories & see they have any problem.
  • Inform your senior per day numbering production & issuing quantity before you leave the factory.
  • Check with your senior which one need 1st & urgent.
  • 10.Attend the morning meeting with planning department.
  • 11.Look after the house keeping of your work place.
  • 12.Carry out any other job assigned by the authority.

Factory Manager




  • Definition: INCIDENT – when the product is used by people or forwarded to next department for processing (example cutting to sewing dept). If there is a hazard affecting their quality, it is called as an incident.
  • Definition: PRODUCT RECALL –Managers/ In-charge of the concerned departments should ensure effective procedures are in place to deal with any garment or fabric hazard and to enable the complete, rapid recall of any implicated lot of the finished product from the next department. Where a product has been withdrawn because of an immediate quality hazard or wrong quality, other products which are produced under similar conditions, and which may present a similar quality problem & issues should be evaluated for and may need to be withdrawn to avoid any continuation of quality issues for all the garments produced for that P.O. or style, etc. (Source: 5.8 of Codex Alimentarius for Recall Procedures)

Case Study

I have gone through the below mail and discussed with our all concern dept. to make this order successful for us. To successful this order we have taken some initiatives and execute those accordingly. However there are some areas which also required giving preference and implementing to achieve its success which are related with other concern unit and yourself.

We will take following action for this order:

  1. Marker tight
  2. Marker length maximum 8/10 yards
  3. Lay wastage minimize in two side length
  4. Reuse of fabric cut pcs (if possible)
  5. We will control all kinds of wastage from our side like thread, label fabrics etc.

Below issues should be considered to successfully execution the order.

  1. Fabric supply should be on time.
  2. Good quality fabrics delivery
  3. Reduce fabric running shade & fabric shade
  4. Fabric dia plus minus should be controlled.
  5. Plus GSM Fabrics should not be delivered.
  6. Need to collar & cuff supply on time.
  7. Body fabric, collar & cuff shade variation should be avoid
  8. Plus minus collar & cuff measurement should not delivered
  9. Proper collar & cuff joint, No tight join is acceptable.
  10. Collar & cuff rejection 0%
  11. Embroidery supply timely
  12. Embroidery rejection in tolerance should be 0%
  13. Shipment schedule should be smooth so that we can produce our goods as per projected line.

Washing rejection average green-5.13%, Line – 0.43% founded in previous orders due to chemical spot, body reject and cuff collar not match with body fabric. So need to control & improve washing reject.

Cut panel rejection average 3%-4% founded in previous orders due to fabric defect. So fabric quality need to be improve & ensure proper quality before delivery to factory.

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