Benefit of Twenty Twenty Three Theme

Question: Are there any benefits of Twenty Twenty Three theme?

Answer: Switching to a newer theme like the 2023 theme will not affect your current posts, or your other website content. They will be preserved, however you should consider the layout or design of the site as they will be overwritten by the 2023 theme design. As for the benefits of using a newer theme, we can assure regular updates for that theme, better compatibility with latest version of WordPress and popular plugins, there will be improved performance which also leads to improved SEO. Lastly, you will get a modern design

Customization of twenty twenty three theme

Question: How can I learn customization of twenty twenty three theme

Answer: You can check out the live demo through Appearance > Themes, and then search for Twenty Twenty-Three. Or you can open this link:

Happiness Engineer says:Through the link provided, you will find a brief description of the theme, and a few instructions on how you can customize. You can use the new Site Editor with this theme which will give you a lot of options that before could only be done through custom code or plugins.

For custom designs using CSS, you’ll be able to do that in Appearance > Additional CSS

Which is the best theme twenty twenty one or twenty twenty three

How to add right side bar in twenty twenty three theme have no header.php and footer.php or function.php
In twenty twentythree themes, you can add blocks. Header/footer etc can be customized via FSE.I mentioned FSE to insert blocks.

I dont found to add code of goole analytics , adsense etc
To add Google analytics and other scripts, you can use plugins like

Machine Category is Right Sidebar

By default, this theme doesn’t have the option to add a sidebar. It can be added through the templates editor but for that, you’ll need to adjust the overall layout of the site

Header.php and Footer.php of Twenty Twenty Three

How to customization Header in twenty twenty three theme?
There you have the option to change the footer or header area for different templates. Here is our support guide as well for template editing:

Where is Header.php & Footer.php in twenty twenty three theme?
If you need to add some code into the head tag, you would need to add it into a plugin like code snippets. You would not be able to add the code any other way. Please note that this requires some level of comfort working with code; if that’s not you, I recommend you look for a developer to help. My best advice is to use – without any worry – the WP Code plugin

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How can I add meta tags in

It doesn’t matter what theme it is since the meta tag can be added regardless of the theme. You can follow this support guide to do this: