Custom Sewing Production Tasks
Custom Sewing Production Tasks

Custom Sewing Production Tasks in Garment Factory

Sewing Production

  • Quality department should responsible for production like as production concern. Read more about Inexpensive Sewing Machine
  • Quality problem should communicate as per chain of command
  • Defect should solve immediately but not keep long time for communicating with top management.
  • New workers (Operator) migration is occurring due to over monitoring by Quality Inspector.
  • M/C servicing problem – not keep long time to solve.
  • Needle hole problem
  • Any problem should not hold long time by . Mechanic for repairing.
  • Take more time for new style layout
  • Due to over documentary work, R&D officer not giving more time in production floor.
  • SMV readjustment is required if more manpower included.
  • Garments keep long time, if production concerns ask for it then QC find out more defect to avoid this.
  • Major problem in finishing by quality & annoyance to operators.
  • Keep garments in Custom Sewing Production line long time by in line quality without decision
  • Same defect presented to several persons.
  • Senior mechanic not come on time if call by supervisor and shown various excuse.
  •  Mechanic gives wrong decision without going to place.
  • Oil leakage find out by production but not take proper action.
  • During M/C problem if call mechanic for problem solve then mechanics negatively answer how pcs problem till now may.
  • Problematic M/C keep long time but not sign by mechanic and show excuse to tell his boss.
  • If M/C problem and request to change M/C but it will be changed after a long time
  • Any type problem arise, if APM call QC then they replay that I do not ork under of you.
  • Loose thread found over 5”-6” then maintenance accept it but QC not accepts this.
  • Skip stitch and others M/C problem, responsibility goes to production concern not to maintenance.
  • Inside’s small size uncut thread get out by QC.
  • Need expert person o
  • Proactive action required for critical area if have any probability of major defect.
  • Layout giving delay by IE for new style.
  • End of Custom Sewing Production

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