Crock Meter for Textile Mills :

Crockmeter is a scientific equipment used in textile mills, generally use for meter test and textile testing of the transference of color from the surface of one material to another by either wet or dry rubbing. This scientific equipment apply a certain pressure on the specimen and do the repeating rubbing testing after set times in a specified stroke after that compared the white rubbing clothing with the color fastness staining grey scales for accessing the decoration grade to provide the underlie for improving textile dyeing. It is category of Laboratory Equipments

Function of Crock Meter for Meter Test:

For determining the colour fastness of textiles in  textile mills for wet rubbing which ensure accurate meter test and this test equipment  is a laboratory instrument used in textile factories

Specifications of Crock Meter which is used as Laboratory Equipment:

[label type=”label” title=”Specification Name”][label type=”label” title=”Specification Value”]
Product CategoryMeter
Machine CategoryCrockmeter
Product NameTesting Machine( dyeing and printing)
Product ModelManufacturer of  laboratory equipments
Product ClassNew
Brand/ManufacturerMade in China
Agent In BangladeshYes
PowerAC  220V  3A
Production Capacity1 pcs/time
Testing Speed60r/min
Dimension of Rubbing Head16mm
Reciprocate StrokeStraight line 104mm
Wide Cap Frame75 x 360
Semi Wide Cap Frame83 x 180
Tubular Frame550 x 595
DescriptionUsed for Crockmeter /Color Fastness to Rubbing Testing Machine, Use to do the colour fastness testing  by this laboratory equipment

Features of Crock Meter working as Test Equipment:

  • Crockmeter is a  laboratory equipment which has a counter,
  • Excellent Service in  textile mills / textile factories
  • Crockmeter is a scientific equipment which has an operating handle,
  • Manually changeable the voltage,
  • Provided crocking finger by this  test equipment
  • The professionals ensure measurement with  this test equipment.

Crocking Test:

This test verifies the color bleeding property of garment. The instrument called CROCK METER. This process done in two types: (1) DRY CROCKING (2) WET CROCKING. Acceptable standard varies from buyer to buyer but best standard is

Crocking Procedure:

For dry process, place the swatch of testing material under plate of crock meter.  With crock meter cloth, 10 cycle of rubbing will be done on testing material. Shade effect will come on crock meter cloth, then measure it with gray scale and allocate the rating. In wet process, everything remains same except that crock meter cloth is wet with one drop of distil water.

Working Procedure of Crock Meter for Textile testing:

The crockmeter is a scientific equipment made for textile factories to rigid flat metal where the test specimen can held firmly. As a result abrading finger rubs against it.

crock meter test equipment
Crock Meter

Generally the platform is fixed on the base of the scientific equipment which lies in a horizontal plane and it abrading fabric picks up color is lost when the test specimen during rubbing.  The arm is moved by a manually operated crank and connecting line

[1] Obaidur Rahman,  BSc in Textile Engineering,  Bangabandhu Textile Engineering College