Crinkle Machine

Crinkle machine is used for squeezing the garments.  First time we apply resin on pacific area of garments then squeeze the garments of that area at high temperature at Pacific Time. Crinkle is the process by this are squeeze the garments at front and back knee area. This process is done by crinkle machine or by manually clipping of specific area. First time we have to spray the resin on the marked area then clipping the garments and put into curing oven at 150c at specific time.

3-D  crinkle

This is the 3D effect of crinkle. This effect is found by the special treatments of garments. First we have to spray resin on the 3D area then making 3D with help of pattern then it put into oven for curing.

Heat pressing : Heat pressing is used to get permanent pleats of garments. First we spray resin on specific area of garments then pressing by heat press then we will get permanent pleats.

What is Crinkle Machine? What is 3-D Crinkle for Washing?
What is 3-D Crinkle for Washing?

Some Finding of Washing Laboratory

  • No timely calibration of laboratory equipment, such as light box and button pull test equipment. Calibrated and expiry date should be displayed on the equipment.
  • No on site laboratory available to perform basic testing such as washing shrinkage etc. No light box.
  • Light box should be surrounded by a curtain of black fabric, if not kept in a separate dark room.
  • There should be one light box in the goods in/fabric inspection area and one in the cutting room.
  • SOP of button pull testing should be displayed near the machine.
  • Button pull testing required on each order (mens- and childrenswear).
  • Button pull test should be carried out every 2 hours and records kept accordingly. Ideal would be to make a mock-up with the same style same construction fabric to avoid damage of bulk order garments.
  • All test records (fabric/accessories/garments) should be kept in a production file.
  • Merchandising team need to discuss results with production team.
  • Results of laboratory tests (3rd party) are kept in the merchandising department and are not communicated to the production/quality department.
  • Garment & sweater panel wash test records and references found inconsistent with production records.

 Permanent Crinkle (Baked Effects)

Effect: 3D creases on the garments

Process: A chemical called resin is applied to the garment . The garment is put in an oven and heated (the process is called curing or baking). The heat makes the crinkles permanent.

What is Crinkle Machine? What is 3-D Crinkle for Washing?
What is Crinkle

Advantages: Natural looking and worn look.

Disadvantages: Fabric tensile strength will be less where the whiskers are done, so fabric might tear. To prevent this the resin should not be used on too thin or weak fabrics.
Ring mark might appear where the resin is added, depending on the colour of the garment.


To prevent this the resin can be applied to the whole garment, but then the garment will be stiffer. Crinkle Machine is used in Textile industry