Crane Safety Checklist and Heavy Equipment’s Checklist
Crane Safety Checklist and Heavy Equipment’s Checklist

Crane Safety Checklist and Heavy Equipment’s Checklist

Crane Safety Checklist and Heavy Equipment’s Checklist

Crane Safety Checklist and Heavy Equipment’s Checklist

  • Valid FMO Test Certificate
  • Check crane’s structural integrity:
  • Boom
  • Fly Jib (stowed correctly) iii aaa
  • Carrier
  • Swing compartment turntable hook roller assy.
  • Outriggers
  • Boom Angle Indicators
  • Load/Radius Chart
  • Engine Trouble Warning
  • Spirit Level
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Guards Around Rotating Part
  • Crane’s Warning Horn
  • Spark Arrestor
  • Engine Emergency Stop
  • Engine Lube Oil/Water/Fuel Leakage
  • Winch
  • Vehicle
  • Check condition of:
  • Sheave, Wire Rope/Cable Keeper/Retaining Bolts/Drums
  • Wire Rope (ensure wire rope diameter tally with which/sheave groove and wire rope lay)
  • Greased Ropes
  • Hydraulic/Pneumatic Hoses
  • Check Electrical/Instrument System
  • Head Lamp/Signal Light
  • Stop Lights / Brake Light
  • Horn
  • Reverse Alarms
  • Windscreen Wiper
  • Cable/Wire Insulation
  • Check adequacy if the units stability/all functions under rated load
  • Put load at over rear / over side
  • Ensure no oil leakage at all outriggers
  • Ensure no brake slippage
  • Check hydraulic boom for sway and droop
  • Check safety devices for functioning and accuracy
  • Check swing mechanism/brake
  • (ensure no brake slippage)
  • Check load/boom hoisting & lowering mechanism
  •  Test crane at:
  • Maximum working angle with max.Load (refer to chart for spec.)
  • Minimum working angle with mim. Load (refer to chart for spec.)
  • Validity of crane operator’s license
  • Tyres/Tracks
  • Loose Lifting Tackle
  • Hook block and Safety Clip
  • Check functionality/availability of following
  • Moment Limiter
  • Telescopic Limit Device
  • Over wind and in wind Cut-Out/Alarm
  • Load Indicators
  • Boom Length Indicators

Heavy Equipment’s Checklist

  • Canopy roll-over protection system Frame status and    securing to main frame of tractor
  • Belly plate and radiator guard securely mouthed
  • Lights mounted and working. Operating
  • Cables and hydraulic system. Not frayed, have extra, no drips in hydraulic system
  • Blade host brake holding. Operate smoothly, hold ay any point
  • Brakes. Foot and hand. Must be working.
  • Gauges working. All gauges must be working
  • Fuel system. Must be free of drips and a full tank
  • Fan and fan belts. Check for frayed condition
  • Battery. Check for corrosion on terminals
  • Tires, wheels. Lug bolts, Check depth of tread, cuts
  • Engine. Check for knocks and leaks
  • Seats and cushion, seat belts.
  • Body condition, all dents
  • Rear-view mirror and wipes. In working order
  • Horn, in working order
  • Accessories (Fire extinguisher, Chock Blocks, etc)

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