Windows 10 login Restriction Control4 Dealer and Child

Control4 Dealer

Go to command prompt and type syntex

net user <username> /time:<day>,<time>

You can spell out the full day name of the days or use the initials Su, M, T, W, Th, F, Sa.

Replace <time> with a range using either a 12-hour (3am, 1pm, etc.) or 24-hour (03:00, 13:00


net user rimzhim /time:Sa,8am-4pm

net user rimzhim /time:M-F,4pm-8pm
net user rimzhim /time:Sa,8am-4pm;M-F,4pm-8pm 
net user rinmzhim /time:M-F,6am-8am;M-F,4pm-10pm 
net user rimzhim /time:M,10-11;T,12-13;W,9-10;Th,14-15;F,2pm-3pm;Sa,4am-4pm;Su,9-11
net user rimzhim /time:M,8-12;T,8-12;W,8-12;Th,8-12;F,8-12;Sa,8-12;Su,8-12
 You can remove by following 
net user simon /time:all

To view all 
 net user rimzhim 

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