Condensation Pots

Leaking condensation pots are one of the main issues of energy loss in a steam circuit. Therefore have the condensations pots checked at least once a year. The status of the condensation pots is measured by experts with an ultrasound stethoscope. Malfunctioning of condensation pots results in excessively high condensate temperatures and pressures in the condensate circuit.

Steam traps must be installed at least after every 25 m in the main steam headers. The steam traps will remove the moisture from the steam lines and will avoid further condensation and thus prevent heat loss and will reduce fuel consumption.
Implementing this option results in reduced heat loss and hence reduced fuel consumption and reduced GHG emission.
Steam traps are required to be installed in the main headers for the removal of moisture and this option is applicable for all steam headers of longer lengths.
Investment is in the range of few thousand Indian rupees (INR), the savings depends on the diameter and length of the steam headers. The investment payback would be with in a year.

Reasons of wear of condensation pots are amongst others:
• Insufficient cleaning of the filter of the condensation pot (at least twice a year).
• Starting up the steam circuit too fast. Due to the hammer effect of water, the filth on the walls loosens and the condensation pots get choked.
Small diameter of the condensate pipes. Extension of the steam circuit with extra steam consumer can for example cause a capacity problem for the condensate pipes. Alternating pressures in the steam condensate pipe circuit negatively affects the performance of the condensation pots and causes extra wear. A general rule is that the condensate pipe should have at least the same diameter as the steam pipes and preferably a larger diameter.

This measure avoids the unnecessary energy consumption.
This option is applicable to all companies having a steam installation. When placing or replacing steam circuits it is useful to place a leakage detector after every condensation pot in the system.
Cost involved is the wage of a maintenance engineer. Replacing condensation pots can also increase costs. The measure of Condensation Pots reduces energy costs.