Compliance Manager Job Responsibilities

Compliance Manager Job Responsibilities

Plan, organize and implement the best practices to meet the compliance requirements of The Auto  Garments and provide expert services thereof to the Business Units to ensure that The Auto  Garments is recognized as a compliant entity to all the existing and prospective buyers. …

  • Obtain and institute compliance standards and carryout regular assessment and gap analysis for individual buyers’ compliance requirements
  • Ensure implementation of the compliance by the Business Unit as per the compliance manuals.
  • Carry out regular compliance audit in the Business Unit and put up recommendations, follow-up for implementation and provide reports thereof.
  • Provide compliance training to the concern staff as and when needed.
  • Develop and maintain up-to-date knowledge and skills on compliance affairs in the buyers’ world.
  • Strive to achieve continuous improvement and adhere to the best practices of the world class apparels industries as regards to the compliance.
  • Prepare and update assessment of labour laws’ requirement from compliance point of view.
  • Help Business Unit HR Manager in implementing compliance related labour laws as practicable as possible.
  • Ensure and maintain a clean and tidy site.
  • Carry out any other jobs as assigned from time to time.
  • To ensure sustainable business in terms of HR & Compliance of the company, the major responsibilities are as follows:
  • Implement and monitor the company HR plan and policies in the factory and provide full HR services to the factory.
  • Ensure recruitment and selection program in the factory as per policy and procedure. Manpower Requisition, Personal file, ID card, Proximity card, awareness, service book,
  • Advise and guide the other managers of the factory on organizational, employee relations, communication as well as grievance handling issues.
  • Ensure congenial IR (industrial relations) environment in the factory and provide appropriate advices while dealing with workers’ representatives.
  • Ensure monthly compensation and benefits of the factory and undertake all related activities. Like wage & Salary, Overtime, bonus, earn leave, yearly atten. Bonus, AND it’s payment
  • Take on proper leave management system in the factory.
  • Maintain Organogram as per company policy.
  • Carry out performance management of employee. Increment, promotion,
  • Maintain proper disciplinary action in the factory.
  • Ensure full & final settlement of employees as well as maternity benefit.
  • Arrange various types of training & meeting.
  • Attend meeting and established the meeting issues as per decision.
  • Implement various type of work as per notice instruction.
  • Ensure proper application of company policy, procedure, code of conduct and rules and regulation.
  • Leave graph, Absent graph
  • Follow up for workers uniform, scarp/cap, drinking water, medical test of relevant Employee, housekeeping, sharp tools control,
  • Internal auditDifferent development works have been implemented in the factory considering compliance.
  • Implement and monitor factory’s security and other policies as appropriate and develop those further.
  • Maintain close liaison with all the relevant Govt. offices, Employers’ Association and other National Trade Bodies.
  • Carry out any other jobs as assigned from time to time.
  • Ensure canteen administration
  • Ensure workers transport facility
  • Implementation of local law.
  • Develop new valuable customer to ensure sustainable business growth.
  • Conduct audit according to buyer’s code of conduct & local law. (Ethical Standard/ Social Compliance Audit, GSV/C-TPAT Audit, Technical Audit, Environmental Audit &  Safety audit)
  • Prepare CAP, adaptation, follow up & submit to buyer.
  • Monitor to ensure all update business licenses of the company.
  • Provide training to workers and staffs on compliance issues
  • Ensure/ Conduct PC meeting / Health & Safety meeting/GDC meeting
  • Maintain health & safety related work in the factory
  • Comply buyer’s code of conduct (COC).
  • Communication with buyers and other internal and external stakeholders.
  • Handled development project of buyers for compliance sustainability.
  • Coordination with significant department to ensure compliance.
  • Coordinate and organize the monthly compliance meeting.
  • Conduct monthly internal compliance audit and take corrective measures on audit findings considering sustainable development.
  • Perform audit at sub-contract factories.
  • Carry out buyer’s business and technical compliance visit in the factory.
  • Ensure proper health & safety provision in the factory.
  • Monitor welfare activities of employees.
  • Monitor to ensure discrimination, harassment & abuse free work place.
  • Conduct and monitor the compliance related training.
  • Carry out the risk assessment and obtain corrective measures.
  • To promotes healthy labor management practice and safe environment.
  • Required key skills (functional/technical)
  • An in-depth knowledge on standard compliance.
  • Knowledge on compliance audit and welfare activities.
  • Knowledge on occupational health and safety issues.
  • Knowledge on labor law.
  • Required qualifications/experience
  • Tertiary, Degree in related field
  • 4-5 years experience in relevant field.

Goal orientation, Communication & collaboration, Critical thinking & Problem solving, Leading people, Positive & proactive, Planning & organizing and Information sharing & Transparency, Detail oriented and goal seeker personality.

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