Training And Awareness 


To ensure adequate competency of employees to fulfill their job responsibilities. To provide guidelines for the identification of individual competency needs to develop adequate skills for performing specific tasks assigned and to create awareness among employees.


This procedure applies to all employees of Autgarments Limited.


General Manager is responsible for creating awareness on importance of employee’s activities and their contribution to the achievement of the quality objectives.

Department head is responsible for determining competence and arranging training. He is also responsible for ensuring effectiveness evaluation of training and maintaining records.



Determining competence for personnel performing work affecting quality.

Evaluate skills of the personnel and provide training where necessary

Evaluate effectiveness of training.

Create awareness among employees on importance of their activity and contribution

to achieve quality objectives.

Maintaining records of training, education, skills and experience.


Determination of Competence

Competence required to perform work will be identified in position wise

Job Description.

Training On Quality Management System

Every employee shall be trained on all Procedures related to the work they

perform. At a minimum, all employees that fit the job requirements must

be trained in those procedure. At least once a year every employee shall undergo awareness training on:   the organization’s quality policy

employees duties and responsibilities in meeting customer


role of the employees in meeting customer, statutory and legal


importance of employees role in achieving quality objectives.

Within an appropriate time from issuance or revision of a Procedures, or

an employee assigned to a new job, the respective department head shall

ensure that the necessary training’s are provided to the employee.

Records of training will be maintained in Training Record and Evaluation form (F- OFMA-06).

Training On Safety

Once a year each employee shall receive training on Safety.

training records shall be maintained by the Administration



Competency Assessment

All employees will be evaluated at least once a year against their

competency requirements. Their respective supervisors will do this.

Competency  Assessment Form (F-OFMA-07) shall be used.

Effectiveness Evaluation of Training

Upon completion of training on procedures and identified training needs,

an evaluation on effectiveness of training will be done within one month.

Effectiveness of evaluation may be done by interview, by reviewing

performance, written test, demonstration or any other method determined

by the concern department head.

Records of evaluation of training effectiveness will be maintained in

Training Record and Evaluation form (F- OFMA-06).


Department head will make a Training Plan

Training will be arranged as per plan.

After effectiveness evaluation, if any person needs further training,