Generator Commissioning Checklist

According to Mass-Circular of BERC (Bangladesh Energy Regulator Commission) refers their rules of 2003 section 27 & 28, all party must have to collect License or Waiver Certificate from BERC by 31 July, 2018. In this regards we need to apply for License or Waiver Certificate for rest of our Generator Checklist  which are still not applied.

SL NO.Generator Commissioning Checklist DescriptionDate of commissioning
01Generator CATTER  PILLER , Model: C186335, Prime power  1500 RPM, 50HZ, 400/230 Volts, Country of Origin USA, Local Supplier Bangla Trac Ltd.12 February ,  2018
02Generator CATTER  PILLER , Model: GEP700-1, Prime power  1500 RPM, 50HZ, 400/230 Volts, Country of Origin USA, Local Supplier Bangla Trac Ltd.26 September,  2018

Attachment :

Commissioning Report of Engine Model no- C-1558

Commissioning Report of Engine Model no- GEP00700-1


Sl. No.Description of GeneratorHeat Rejection ParticularDM9823
01Generator CATTER  PILLER,  Model: C1800635Following   programs   and   test   results   are   not conducted and kept.


1.Maintenance  program   (periodic  inspection  and

testing program)

2.Thermographic   scanning  inspection  report   of

electrical equipment (tri-annual base)

3.Electric  safety  program    (training  on  electrical


Heat Rejection to coolant (total)

165KW9384 Btu/min
Heat Rejection to exhaust (total)487KW27696 Btu/min
Heat Rejection to after cooler91KW5175 Btu/min
Arrange  periodic  inspection  &  thermal  scan  to identify    the    overloading,    loose    connection, unbalanced load which may cause the excessive heat-rise and take action Audit ingly.


Heat Rejection to atmosphere from engine

83KW470 Btu/min
Heat Rejection to atmosphere from generator.319KW18141 Btu/min
02Generator CATTER  PILLER , Model: GEP70000-1Exposed   flexible   conduit   must   be   run   either horizontally or vertically and not at an angleSame as above

Application for Generator Commissioning Checklist

The Chairman,

Bangladesh Energy Regulatory Commission

TCB Bhaban (3rd Floor)

1, Karwan Bazar, Dhaka-1215

Dear Sir,

We hereby request you to kindly issue a license waiver certificate for KVA power generation at the location mentioned in the application form.

We are providing herewith the required information and attested copies of the documents along with the application form.

We are paying herewith Application Fee as mentioned bellow:

  • Amount (in Taka): BDT. 20000.00 (In words): Taka Two Thousand Only
  • Demand Draft/pay order no: (For Bank outside of Dhaka city Only DD will be accepted)
  • Date of payment:
  • Name and Branch of the Bank: IFIC Bank, Gulshan Branch, Dhaka    We hereby certify that the information contained in the documents and mentioned in the application form submitted herewith are accurate and complete to the best of our knowledge.

Thanking you,

Yours Sincerely,


  • Original Catalogue of Generator.
  • Copy of Article of Association & Memorandum of Company.
  • TIN Certificate
  • VAT Certificate
  • Trade license no. & Validity
  • Electricity Bill. (Last Paid)
  • Gas Bill. (Last Paid)
  • Demand Draft No.
  • Date of Payment.
  • Name & Branch of Bank.
  • Name of the Applicant.
  • Address of the Applicant.
  • Location of the Generator.
  • Number of Generator.
  • Purpose of such Waiver.
  • Purpose of such Generator of Electricity.
  • Period Required for Waiver.
  • Load to be served by Generator:
  • Total Load:……………KW:
  • Lighting:……………….KW
  • Other…………………….KW
  • Present Electricity Provider 🙁 PDB/REB/DESCO/Other).
  • Information of Generator:
  • Manufacturer:
  • Brand:
  • Type:
  • Capacity 🙁 in KW).
  • Year of Manufacture:
  • Name of The Fuel:
  • Fuel Requirement:(Leter/Kwh):
  • Estimated Fuel Cost (Per Kwh):
  • Manual/ Automatic Start:
  • Details of the Safety Measures:
  • Information of the Building & Land:
  • Name & Address of the Land-owner:
  • Name & Address of the Building-owner:
  • Name & Address of the Factory-owner:
  • Consent of the owner of the Land or Building