Commercial Building Cost Estimator with Materials

Commercial Building Cost Estimator

Commercial Building Cost Estimator is very important for the owners. Without budget the building owner count huge cost. Any way we are showing below some example

Tinset Building Cost Estimator for Boundary

Mistri Mansur: 140 Tk Square Fit, Wall: 9Fx10F (A2Z), Bricks: 1 Gari = 3000, Tanki 7F/10F

Mistri Leon: 240 Tk Square Fit, Wall: (A2Z)

Building Cost Estimator for Boundary

This low range cost estimator is show below for 30′ X 34′ space

DateItem Name and DescriptionQtyCost (bdt)
01/02/20Boundary Bricks 157312584
01/02/20 Sands 1/21200
01/02/20 Bricks and Sand Caring from RoadN/A2200
01/02/20 Labor N/A3500
01/02/20 Donate to Other N/A700
01/02/20 Cement 52150

Building Cost Estimator for 2 Room (Labor)

Date MistriQtyTakaRoomDescription 
18/5/18Head Mistri1500Room 1n
18/5/18Support Mistri1500Room 1n
29/5/18Head Mistri1550Room 1n
29/5/18Support Mistri2750Room 1n
30/5/18Head Mistri1550Room 1n
30/5/18Support Mistri2750Room 1n
31/5/18Head Mistri1550Room 1n
31/5/18Support Mistri1400Room 1n
1/6/2018Head Mistri1550Room 1Batch
1/6/2018Support Mistri31100Room 1Batch
2/6/2018Head Mistri1550Room 1n
2/6/2018Support Mistri2750Room 1n
3/6/2018Head Mistri1550Room 1n
3/6/2018Support Mistri2750Room 1n
4/6/2018Head Mistri1550Room 1n
4/6/2018Support Mistri1750Room 1n
5/6/2018Head Mistri1550Room 1n
5/6/2018Support Mistri2750Room 1n
6/6/2018Head Mistri1550Room 1n
6/6/2018Support Mistri2750Room 1n
7/6/2018Head Mistri1550Room 1n
7/6/2018Support Mistri2750Room 1n
8/6/2018Head Mistri1550Room 12 colanm dhalay
8/6/2018Support Mistri1400Room 12 colanm dhalay
9/6/2018Head Mistri1550Room 12 colanm dhalay
9/6/2018Support Mistri1350Room 12 colanm dhalay
19/6/18Other2700Room 1Mati Vhora
20/6/18Other1400Room 1Mati gorto
10/7/2018Head Mistri1550Room 2mati
10/7/2018Support Mistri1400Room 2mati
11/7/2018Head Mistri1550Room 2khacha
11/7/2018Support Mistri1400Room 2khacha
12/7/2018Head Mistri1550Room 2kolam
12/7/2018Support Mistri1400Room 2kolam
13/7/18Head Mistri1550Room 2mati
13/7/18Support Mistri2750Room 2mati
14/7/18Head Mistri1550Room 2Batch
14/7/18Support Mistri2750Room 2Batch
15/7/18Head Mistri1550Room 2Short colom
15/7/18Support Mistri2750Room 2Short colom
18/7/18Head Mistri1550Room 2Rod Kata Gread Beam
18/7/18Support Mistri2750Room 2Rod Kata Gread Beam
18/7/18Other Labor2500Room 1Mati Vhora
19/7/18Head Mistri1550Room 2Centaring
19/7/18Support Mistri2750Room 2Centaring
20/7/18Head Mistri1550Room 2Beam Dhalay
20/7/18Support Mistri2750Room 2Beam Dhalay
21/7/18Head Mistri1550Room 2Gatni
21/7/18Support Mistri2750Room 2 Gatni
6/8/2018Head Mistri1550Room2kolam
6/8/2018Support Mistri2750Room2kolam
7/8/2018Head Mistri1550Room2kolam
7/8/2018Support Mistri2750Room2kolam
8/8/2018Head Mistri1550Room1Gatni
8/8/2018Support Mistri2750Room1Gatni
9/8/2018Head Mistri1550RoomGatni
9/8/2018Support Mistri2750RoomGatni
10/8/2018Head Mistri1550RoomGatni
10/8/2018Support Mistri2750RoomGatni
11/8/2018Head Mistri1550Room Gatni
11/8/2018Support Mistri2750RoomGatni
12/8/2018Head Mistri1550RoomGatni
12/8/2018Support Mistri2750RoomGatni
13/8/18Head Mistri1550RoomGatni
13/8/18Support Mistri2750RoomGatni
14/8/18Head Mistri1550RoomNilton Centaring
14/8/18Support Mistri2750RoomNilton Centaring
15/8/18Head Mistri1550RoomNilton Centaring
15/8/18Support Mistri2750RoomNilton Centaring
16/8/18Head Mistri1550RoomNilton Rod
16/8/18Support Mistri2750RoomNilton Rod
17/8/18Head Mistri1550RoomNilton Dhalai
17/8/18Support Mistri2750RoomNilton Dhalai
19/8/18Head Mistri1550RoomGatni
19/8/18Support Mistri2750RoomGatni
20/8/18Head Mistri1550RoomGatni
20/08/18Support Mistri2750RoomGatni
21/8/18Head Mistri1550RoomGatni
21/8/18Support Mistri2750RoomGatni
Other Other 01500

Main Material of a Building

DateProductsQuantityPriceTotal Price
27/5/18Rod 5″4′384/66625383
27/5/18Rod 3′83/8625195
3/6/2018Rod 5″74664884
3/6/2018Rod 8ml28/2661861
8/6/2018Rod 8ml29/8641907
8/6/2018Tarkata4 Kg80320
1/6/2018Belcha1 Pics350350
1/6/2018Balti1 Pics180180
1/6/2018Simenter Khuti6 Pics Pics2950
SabekCement6 Bag4902940
8/6/2018Cement3 Bag4901407
31/05/18Cement12 Bag4905880
25/5/18Khua150 Feet03000
25/5/18GI Tar n0120
19/6/18Kath Rentn04100
19/6/18Bit Sand1 Hidrolik15001500
1/6/2018Sand1 Hidrolik35003500
1/6/2018Sand50 Feet03800
27/5/18Guna3 Kg0325
8/6/2018Guna1 Kg 250M137137
29/6/18Rod 16mn6311504
29/6/18Rod 12ml 8mln633326
29/6/18Khua150 Feet00
14/7/18Polithin30 Feet15150
14/7/18Chot10 Gauge50500
14/7/18Rod16 Ml676311
14/7/18Cement7 Bag4903430
15/7/18Bit Sand1 Hidrolik16001600
18/7/18Tarkata1 Pkt00
18/7/18Chock1 Pkt00
4/8/2018Briks2000 pcs010000
19/6/18Kath RentRoom202000
6/8/2018Cement10 Bag4804800
6/8/2018Sand1 Hidrolik30003000
14/8/18Rod 8mlRoom631285
14/8/18Rod 10 mlRoom631965
15/8/18TubewelTotal Parts42604260
15/8/18Newspaper2 kg3060
15/8/18Van Vara100100100
16/8/18Tubewel Mistri26001200
21/8/18Gas Chulann4100
22/8/18Pvl Labrnn1000
24/8/18Electric Partsnn931
24/8/18Kath 7-Sep5503960
25/8/18Tin Screwnn453
26/8/18Van Varann700
26/8/18Satar Advancenn10000
27/8/18Sutar nn4000

Bricks Calculation

4/8/2018Briks2000 pcs010000
25/5/18Khua150 Feet03000
29/6/18Khua150 Feet00

Standard Birth Room Costing

05/07/20Bricks 1400800012000
07/07/20Sand2 Toli13002600
15/07/20Con. LaborContact1670016700
17/07/20Pipe LaborContact33003300
18/07/20Tiles LaborContact35003500
20/07/20Sanitary ItemAll93009300
20/07/20Tiles ItemAll96009600
21/07/20Sanitary ItemAll1165511655
21/07/20Sanitary ItemAll10001000
22/07/20Kua21 Part1202600
23/07/20Soil Labor1600600
24/07/20Cement 54302150
27/07/20Van RentAll800800

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