CNC Lathe Machine


a. Maximum Swing Diameter: 400 ~ 550 mm
b. Maximum Turning Diameter: 250 ~ 400 mm
c. Maximum Turning length: 500 ~750 mm
d. Stroke X/Y/Z: X = 200 ~ 275/ Y = (+40/-40), Z = 500~750 mm
e. Rapid Speed X/Y/Z:X =12~24, Z = 24~30 M/min
f. Cutting Speed: To be mentioned
g. Hydraulic/Programmable Tail Stock with foot paddle switch: To be Mentioned
h. Chips conveyer with chips cart: Attached with machine Standard
j. Spindle:
(1) Max Rotation Speed: 4000 ~ 7500 rpm
(2) Chuck Size: Ø 210 ~ 300 mm
k. Tail Stock:
(1) Taper: MK4/equivalent
l. Turret:
(1) Number of Tools (minimum):12
(2) Tools Location : VDI 30/VDI 40/equivalent
(3) Number of Live Tools (min.):12
(4) Max. Rotation Speed: 4000 ~ 7500 rpm
m. Control System (CNC Type):Latest version of FANUC/ Siemens/HAAS
n. Hydraulic System:
(1) Operation pressure: To be mentioned
(2) Oil Capacity of tank: To be mentioned
p. Hydraulic/Pneumatic System: To be mentioned
q. Power supply: 380~400 V, 3 ph, 50 HZ
r. Available of Integral of ON Line Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR): To be mentioned separately with KVA. Price to be
Mentioned separately.
s. On line diagnosis and troubleshooting option: To be
mentioned in details with price separately
t. Following Spares/equivalent items must be supplied with
each machine:
(1) Sleeve for holding tool (Morse Taper #1 & #2):05+05= 10
(2) VDI 30 Radial & Axial Live tool Holder (for Drilling):03+03= 06 Nos.
(3) VDI 30 tool Holder Drilling:05 Nos.
(4) VDI 30 tool Holder for Turning Left & Right:08+02=10 Nos.
(5) Insert Holder for Turning (Left Hand), Model (DDJNL 1616H11):10 Nos.

(6) Insert Holder for Turning (Right Hand), Model (DDJNR 1616H11):03 Nos.
(7) Insert Holder for Turning (Left Hand), Model (SDJCL 1616H11):10 Nos.
(8) Insert Holder for Turning (Right Hand), Model (SDJCR 1616H11):03 Nos.
(9) Insert for Turning Insert Holder, Model (DNMG 110408- pm 4325):100 Nos.
(10) Insert for Turning Insert Holder, Model (DCMT 11T 304- pm 4325):100 Nos.
(11) Bearing for Tail Stock: 02 Set
(12) Bearing for Lead Screw: 02 Set
(13) Water Gun:01 Nos
(14) Hard Jaw (Auto Block):02 Set (each set Contain 3 Nos)
(15) Soft Jaw (Auto Block):04 Set (each set Contain 3 Nos)
(16) Spring Collet (Ø1 ~Ø20) mm: 02 Set (each set Contain 20 Pcs.)
Country of Origin
Country of Assembly
Port of shipment
Country of manufacture & Name of Manufacture
Country of Main Component (All Servo motors, Spindle Motor, Control system including servo drives & Monitor(HMI), Hydraulic Pump, Lead Screw, Main body, Tool Magazine, Pneumatic actuators, Vector drive (if avail) and electronics
PCB cards)

CNC Lathe Machine Conditions:
a. All axes must be integral to the machine, no attachment to be used as any axis.
b. Machine must be able to perform flowing operations: (1) Turning, (2) Drilling, (3) Reaming etc.
c. All accessories, attachments, tools, cutter, fixture etc required to perform the above mentioned job to be supplied and mentioned with price in offer.
d. Automatic Chip Rimming System with conveyer belt/screw type Must be provided with each machine (Price of conveyer belt/screw type should be quoted separately).
e. Standard cooling, lighting, lubricating & control system (Software & Hardware) should be provided with machine.
f. 1 x Operators manual and programming manual (Hard & Soft Copy) in English must be supplied with each machine.
g. 1 x Maintenance/Repair manual (Hard & Soft Copy) in English (including electrical/electronic circuit diagram, mechanical drawing Etc.) Must be supplied with each machine.
h. The supplier should give service support for ten years after installation of machine.
j. Local Training: Duration of training should be at least 16 working days. Following information must be given as under :

Training Schedule of CNC Lathe Machine:

a. Machine Operators Training :

08 working Days

  • Machine operation, maintenance, trouble shooting and repair training : 08 working days

Topics of CNC Lathe Machine:

  • Details operation of electrical, electronics, pneumatic system, hydraulic system and mechanical system with diagrams in details
    • Control system: program loading and unloading, debugging, editing and servo drive and servo motors interconnecting and parameter setting in details.
    • Troubleshooting: Artificial problems to be created by removing sensors and changing the parameters of servo drive and servo motors then faults diagnosis and repair procedures.
k. Machine installation, trial run and operational with maintenance, training is to be provided by the certified engineers’ of machine manufacturer at BOF site within 30 days after receiving Machine by BOF. Otherwise penalty will be imposed at the rate of 2% (Two) but not less than 1% (One) and will not exceed 10% (Ten) of the total LC value.
l. Pre-shipment Inspection (PSI): PSI of the machine will be Carried out by 03 BOF persons for 04 working days (excluding journey period). All cost of the PSI to be borne by BOF.
m. Warranty for one year after acceptance.
n. Fast and slow moving spares with quoted price are to be given with the tender including yearly escalation minimum for ten years.
p. Certificate of Mother factory of country of origin must be submitted with the offer.
q.    Each tool holder should have one full set of tools with the machine. Price of full set of tools must be mentioned separately.
r. All drives and Motors should be of same Control System.
s. Prices of essential spares for each machine must be quoted separately along with price escalation for 10 years
t. If any component/part of the machine is from the country other than the machine manufacturing country then the name of the Country (which also must be of group ‘A’ country) must be mentioned with the component/part.