Collect Certificate of Newly Installed Boiler

For your information, a new Type Best Boilers has been installed at Auto Garments Ltd at, Dhaka is going to operate very soon. Set  up  the  above  program  and keep  the  test result. But the certificate of boiler still not collected from the respective source. Due to unavailable of certificate the factory can not go to the operation. Besides some forthcoming social compliance audit will hold in that factory very soon. If we couldn’t show the boiler certificate to buyer it must affect in audit report. It  must  be  used  proper  material  to  support  the aluminum cable duct instead of wire. In this regards, pls arrange the certificate against the newly installed boiler at Auto Garments Ltd. so that the factory can run the boiler as they scheduled and the forthcoming audit will fare from any observation in this regards. For your information & necessary action please

Regarding BGMEA Membership Certificate of Auto Garments Ltd.

AUTO TEXTILE  has a policy to work continuously on the conservation of energy leaded by Ex-Director. Moreover the company has got a team which does it every day and submits report to MD for any mishaps. The maintenance department has a list of jobs done for the conservation of energy and the internal audit committee has got the list of works to complete to conserve the energy efficiently. IPS system may be relocated, to other location, to provide adequate and safe working space (1 meter preferably). Provisional BGMEA membership certificate of Auto Garments Ltd. has been expired on March 04, 2009. Its to be noted that it’s an important certificate what to be shown during social compliance and others audit. By this time some buyers had made schedule to audit the factory. If we can’t show the valid BGMEA membership certificate during audit we might be fall down on corrective action plan (CAP). In this circumstances you requested to arrange the BGMEA membership certificate of Auto Garments Ltd. in the earliest time so that we can move for any effective social or others audit.

Group Insurance Certificate for All BGMEA Members Factory

Group Insurance Certificate for all BGMEA members’ factory of our group. That entire certificate has been expired from 06 May 2009. I will be pleased if you make me informed about the progressive of collecting renewal certificate of Group Insurance. If you submitted the documents and necessary paid pls provide me the documents so that we can show the progress to buyer during audit. In this regards pls collect and provide us the Group Insurance Certificate or any temporary supporting documents from the respective department so that we can carry on the audit effectively. For your information and necessary action for Best Boilers.