CC Camera System

CC Camera Housing Cable and DVR Check List

CC Camera Housing Cable Checklist

  • Camera / lens focus and auto
  • iris adjusted properly
  • Camera field of view is adjusted to customer’s requirements
  • Camera / housing viewing window is clean, inside and out
  • Camera lens is dust free
  • Interior of camera enclosure
  • is clean and dry.
  • Check operation of pan tilt, and zoom focus. Use controller in control room to check all these operations
  • Check wiring and cable
  • harnesses for wear and fray
  • Check to make sure cable is
  • dressed properly
  • Check connectors and cable entry points for loose wiring
  • Coaxial cable is transmitting an adequate video signal to control room. Signal should be free of distortion, tearing, and rolling, etc
  • Make sure all coaxial
  • connectors are insulated from conduit and pull boxes
  • Monitors are free from picture
  • burn-in, and distortion
  • Monitors have proper
  • contrast and brightness
  • DVR/NVR are functioning properly and provided distortion free recording
  • DVR/NVR should be sent out for professional cleaning, and belt changes. This should occur on a regular basis
  • (at least every18 months).
  • All control equipment is operational. Switchers allow
  • proper sequencing and call up.
  • Multiplexers are properly
  • encoding and decoding.
  • Matrix switcher keyboards are fully operational
  • Clean all monitor screens, control panels, and keyboards with a diluted cleaning solution
  • Check all coaxial connectors on the back panels for loose connections
  • Check all power connections to insure AC plugs are not loose or power cables frayed


The organization shall establish & maintain procedures for the identification, maintenance & disposition of environmental records. These records shall include training records & the results of audits & overviews.

Environmental records should be legible, identifiable & traceable to the activity, product & service involved.

Environmental records shall be stored & maintained in such a way that they are really retrievable & protected against damage, deterioration or loss. Their retention time shall be established & recorded.

Records shall be maintained, as appropriate to the system & to the organization, to demonstrate conformance to the requirements of ISO 14001.

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