Carpet Printing Machine
What is Carpet Printing Machine & Procedure

What is Carpet Printing Machine & Procedure

Carpet Printing Machine

For printing of the carpet different types Carpet Printing Machine are used such as-

1. The Stalwart Machine.

2. Flat Screen Printing Machine (BDA machine and Zimmer machine)

3. Rotary Screen Printing.

4. Spray and Jet Printing.

Read about Rotary-Screen Printing Machine


Sources of   Carpet:

Foreign Country: Belgium, Dubai, China,   Malaysia, Turkey, India, Pakistan, Egypt are the main source of Carpet in all over the world.

On the basis of countries the different type’s carpet name are given below,

1. Egyptian carpet

2. Pakistani Carpet

3. Malaysian Carpet

4. Turkish carpet

5. Persian Carpet.

6. English Carpet

7. French Carpet

8. Chinese Carpet.

Source of yarn in Carpet raw materials in Bangladesh:

►Mirpur (From Zhut business man)


►Chak bazar, Dhaka.

►Gulistan, Dhaka.

Export and Packaging:


►To package the product.

►To dispatch to Buyer

3.4.3Pretreatment of carpet:

In front of the printing machine there are the conventional carpet take up rolls, a space for butt sewing a j-box or compensation roller storage unit followed by a back better and a lint extraction system.

It is not usual to give wet pretreatments to the carpet before printing because the materials that may still be on the fiber such as spin finishes do not in general interfere with the absorption of the print paste or the fixation of the dyes. An exception arises with some carpet qualities improve if they are pre washed a about 60 C BEFORE PRINTING.

This rewashing produces a bulking effect on the fiber which can not be achieved by steaming alone although pre steaming is sometime use in place of hot water treatment.

In some cases superior penetration is obtained on pre wetted carpet one example is the printing of longer pile carpet. After wet pretreatment the carpet is passed over powerful extraction slots to reduce the residual moisture the between 50 and 80 pick up, depending on carpet quality. Carpets may also be pre added with a ground shade for certain resists, displacement and discharge process

3.4.4After Treatment:

No dyes can be completely fixed on carpet fibers so that residual dye as well as the chemicals and thickening agents must be removed by cold water alone is used in contrast to textile printing practice. Only in the case of polyester and acrylic carpets are heated wash tanks considered. Two or three bath preferably with countercurrent water flow is used. A typical carpet printing range requires a wash water flow of 20-40×103 1h. To accelerate the interchange between the liquor on the carpet and the wash water various agitator systems have been used in addition each exit path form the liquor should have a spray pipe and mangle squeeze or better an extraction slot. A particularly good effect can be achieve using perforated drum wash units in which the liquor actually passes through both the pile and the backing of the carpet

Where heavy very shades are being produced cross staining of washed off on to pale or whit ground shades may occur. This can be avoided by passing the carpet through a mildly alkaline bath as it leaves the steamer. This also improves the wet fastness of the print as the alkali aids the removal of unfixed dye.

Carpet Manufacturing Process

  • Wool Sorting
  • Wool Wash and Drying
  • Carding
  • Spinning
  • Natural Dyes
  • Pot Dyeing
  • Designing and Graphing
  • Dyes Yarn Shorting
  • Hand Knotting
  • Washing
  • Wash Rug Drying
  • Shearing and Trimming
  • Final Touch and Finishing
  • Packing and Export

Description of Carpet Manufacturing Process Flow Chart (Hand made basis):

Wool Shorting:

Wool yarn is mainly used in carpet manufacturing. In carpet manufacturing process yarns have to sort we know there are different grades of yarn min together. They have different shade variation, staple length variation, etc. For this reason we have to sort first those yarn.

Objective of Wool Sorting:

Differentiate same grade yarn.

To combined the same length yarn.

To eliminate the faults of carpet.

To helpful for next carpet manufacturing process.


It is a manual process .It is mainly done by hand.

From wool lot, we have to diffeintiate different kinds of yarn according to their length color or shade and difference grade.

Then it wills suitable next process.

Carpet design in Bangladesh:

In “Society Handicrafts” different kinds of design can be done. They can do any kind of design. Aarrong gave them swatch or design and finally they sketch in graph paper and also make a sample of carpet. Then they a take an approval from Aarrong and go for bulk production.

The owner of Society Handicrafts first designed a design. Then supervisor draw design in all looms.

In Society Handicrafts design name are given below,

Design for Twist and Balika Carpet,

1. Maya design

2. Mosaic design

3. Zamdani Design

4. Zebra Design

5. Blue stripe

6. Blue shade diamond

7. Brown shape weaves design

8. Multi color design

9. Maxican Design

10. Toner step

11. Brown Step

13. Plastic design

14. Ardeko Design

15. Leaf design

Design for Tapestry Carpet:

1. Human being design

2. Boat design

3. Foreign boat design

4. Flower design

5. Elephant design

6. Peacock design

7. Kingfisher design etc

Any kinds of design can be making in Society Handicrafts.

The first establishment was originally started in Paris in the famous “Saint Germain des Prés” area under the name of Jules Flouron, a relative of Georges Cholleton senior who managed it after his return from World war I, from 1919 to his death in 1956, it was then operated by his son Pierre Cholleton (a former officer from the French free forces during World war II and during war in French Indochina) till 1978 year of his desperation.

Over the 20th century Cholleton became one of the main French company specialized into outside blinds, awnings and canvas as one the very first globally specialized into blackout as flame retardant fabrics for hotels and hospitalities curtaining.

Already in the 60’s and the 70’s Cholleton’s blackout fabrics were specified all over Europe, including the ex SSRU, in Africa or Middle East as for prestigious hotel contracts in the Far East.

Over a hundred years, the Cholleton Company became also one the very first globally specialized into blackout as flame retardant fabrics for hotels and hospitalities curtaining. It was already involved at that time into major hotel projects all over the world, such as Hotel Cosmos Moscow in Soviet Union, Hyatt hotel in Bangkok, Orchard Hotel in Singapore, first Meridien Hotels in Saudi Arabia as former UTH hotels (which was the roots of Air France Hotels group) all over Africa, Middle East and Far East as Ivory Intercontinental hotel in Abidjan – Ivory Coast or several Hilton and Sheraton hotels in France and abroad.

Tissues and Stores Cholleton (Cholleton Blinds and Fabrics) was also the supplier of prestigious customers such as the French National Assembly (French National Parliament) ,the Palace of The Elysée (Housing and offices from the President of the French Republic), the RITZ and BRISTOL hotels in Paris, or the NEGRESCO in Nice as numerous four and five stars hotels in France and all over Europe.

From 1978 to 1982 the group went thought a major reorganization following the desperation of Pierre Colleton and his son Georges P. Colleton was the one who decided from 1982, after having met the just-new owner at that time of Trafford carpets UK the re-orientation into the contract carpet world and more specifically into ax Minster contract carpets for hotels and hospitalities.

Axminster contract carpets custom made for a casino.

Today’s Agence Cholleton is still a wool carpet specialist and the sole agent and exclusive distributor for some of the best European residential and contract carpets manufacturers for France, several European countries and of course the entire Middle East and North Africa, but we have also now implemented over the last few years our own residential and contract carpets collection worldwide distributed.

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