Barcode Clothing Labels

The information to be included in barcode clothing label: Fit, size, size range, name of product, barcode, colour (with Tema colour code in Turkish and the foreign language), special code 1 and merch sub group, line code, line name, equipment ID (wall – table – fixture – chino – jean) cash price, instalment price. There should not be any deformation which would prevent barcode lines from being recognised. Example: Labels scratched in a way that barcode lines are rubbed off.

Barcode Clothing Labels
Barcode Clothing Label

Barcode Clothing Labels More Information:

Since barcode machines do not use a standard font, width – length of writings on barcode price labels are stated in MM.  As it can be understood from prices on the sample label above, cash prices should be on the bottom and they should be written bigger than installment prices (in accordance with the sizes stated). Standards determined through this procedure will be checked during inspection. The part where price information is written should be minimum 51 mm long in order to be able to stick discount labels easily. The below is an example-

Barcode Clothing Labels More Information
Clothing Labels Information

Care Label Jeans / Garments:

The aim of this memorandum is to prepare product care labels in an accurate and standardised way. This memorandum covers the rules that shall be followed while preparing product care labels. Buying and Merchandising Management. The information given below for standard care label

cotton care label jeans
Cotton care label symbol
  1. Care labels shall be prepared using the symbols and instructions mentioned in Memorandum Ref: TL 232 entitled ‘Product Care Instructions’.
  2. The below information shall be used respectively in the label preparation process:
  • Fabric information
  • Fabric content information
  • Symbols
  • Care label instructions
  • Country code
  • Manufacturer’s country of origin
  1. The information about fabric, content, care label instructions and the Manufacturer’s country of origin to be included in care labels shall be shown in 7 languages as mentioned in Memorandum. These languages shall respectively be Turkish, English, Russian, Romanian, German, Arabic and Bulgarian. When an instruction ends a space shall be left between languages, and ” / ” as well as another space shall be added before the instruction is written in a new language.
  2. If a garment is made of two or more different fabrics, fabric information shall be given before content information by using the instructions in Memorandum
  3. Care labels shall be 3.2 cm WIDE and 8.5 cm LONG.
  4. A seam allowance of 1.5 cm shall be left at the beginning of each page.
  5. Care labels shall be 3.2 cm WIDE and 8 cm LONG after they are stitched on garments.

While Stitching Cotton Care Label Jeans:

Care labels shall be put together in successive pages and stitched on Jeans. Seam allowance is estimated to be approximately 0.5 cm. Care label jeans shall not be stitched on garments as loops (as shown below).

While Stitching Care Label Jeans
Care Label Size Information


Example of Clothes Tags:

This is an example of China Quality clothes tags, it contains a lot of information of the product. The product colour name in both English and Chinese, also included. Currently you are asked to prepare the “Chinese franchise information checking form” with the input of lab house, to submit to SPS/ Avery Dennison when you are ordering this clothes tags. As per update requirement, you are asked to also fill the colour of the product into the same form, for the printer to follow.

Example of Clothes Tags
Example of Clothes Tags

Barcode Printer:

Barcode Printer is a special computer type printer that prints on self labels of garments material and tags. Barcode printer is different from normal printers because they need to have special feed mechanisms to handle rolled stock. Common connectivity interface for label printers include  USB port, Parallel port , Network Interface , RS232.

Adept Accessories sale Barcode Printer:

WE ARE A JAPANESE AGENT IN BANGLADESH. We are giving following category of Barcode Printer.

  1. Care Label Printer (Japan)
  2. Tag Label Printer(Japan)
  3. Barcode Printer (Japan)
  4. Tag Label Stinging Machine(Japan)

Advantages Barcode Label Printer:

  1. Up to printing width 5″ font & back side with three colors for care label. Just plug & play.
  2. Tag Printers are same as like as care label printer. As many as u can print in different pattern. Just like ms office to laser printer.
  3. Just like ms office to laser printer.
  4. All printed tag labels will be stringing automatically by this machine.
barcode label printer
Barcode of Label

Clothing Labels of Adept:

We are giving Total Shipping Clothing labels /Barcode label/Carton Label/Sticker Label solutions in Bangladesh. We are working with some International Buyers & accessories suppliers in Bangladesh.

We are also giving Barcode/clothes tags /care label jeans printing Wax/Wax Resin/Resin Ribbon & we hope that we can continue for a long period with your organization.

Clothing Labels and appliqués Requirements for Children: 

  • Labels and appliqués must be firmly stitched, it is not enough only with adhesive/glue.
  • Labels and appliqués must be checked for sharp edges.
  • Labels and appliqués must never break or disassemble.
Clothing Labels

Additional requirements for size 44 up to and including size 98

  • Labels and appliqués that are not stitched all the way around, and fitting into the test cylinder are considered small parts and need to withstand 90 N pull force test.
  • Flag labels that are made of flat woven tape do not have to be tested.
  • For rubber and soft plastic, perforations of the stitching can cause the label/appliqué to detach.

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