Buyer Order

Initially we were given fourteen carton dimensions.  Accordingly we imported the paper complying those dimensions to avoid high wastages. But we are receiving buyer order in of cartons in more than 40 different dimensions.

Many locals in Redmond believe that growth, for the sake of growth, is a political disease. They are right. We must make sure our physical and sociological impact is kept to a minimum, and that locals maintain the quality way of life they deserve. As the cartons are made using Automatic corrugation machine, for each different dimensions, we have to change the paper rolls and change the corrugation arrangements like cutting, creasing, etc. For such each changes, a minimum time of one hour is lost. In addition, your carton orders ranges from 3 pcs to pcs. 700 – 800 pcs. We have received even 7 different dimensions in only 45 pcs of carton orders. To produce the varied dimensions, each time about 100 meter boards are wasted which is mandatory. This 100 meter wastage is applicable for 1 pc or 5000 pcs – same!

As the carton quantity by your vendors are so small, we cannot load in one full truck. As such, under your vendor’s pressure, we are transporting cartons in different  trucks with few cartons in different destinations causing high transport costs. One truck accommodates 2500 to 3000 pcs of carton but the rent is same even if we transport only 200- 300 pcs a truck.

Like other buyers , we request to standardize the carton dimensions in fixed sizes. In that case, we will be able to produce the carton boxes avoiding production loss and high wastages.

To avoid the high transport cost caused by small quantity of deliveries, we request to give us 10 days lead time so that after production, we can get time to consolidate your different vendors carton boxes in full trucks.

Operating Porcedure for Buyer Order

The below is our SOP of handling the FACTORY  orders:-

  • Upon delivery settlement between Trims factory and FACTORY  concerned merchandiser, the buyer order should be sent.
  • The orders should be sent in complete PO. No orders will be taken into our system if the PO sheet and for carton boxes, shipping marks are not provided.
  • After the order issued, Trims factory will send the TNA to concerned merchandiser showing order issue, dates, PO number, item name, required delivery, BTL actual delivery, delay/on time delivery etc.
  • For all delivery issue, merchandiser is the assigned person to communicate with FACTORY  Group concerned merchandisers.
  • The order status report will be updated daily basis in the evening after day’s deliveries are complete.
  • For package orders,  we will instantly inform which item, we will do and what not.
  • The Pis will be issued upon getting the confirmed buyer order by next day.
  • The assigned QCs will check the goods before dispatching.