What is Buttons Firmness Tensile Testing Machine?

The Buttons Firmness Tensile Testing Machine can do all kinds of buttons on the clothing uniform vertical tensile test, testing whether its solidity can meet the relevant safety
Standard: 16 CFR 1500.51-53, ASTM PS79-96 Standard configuration:

  1. Rally seat
  2. Two jaws
  3. Three jaws
    4 pull forceps
  4. Bottom fabric fixture
  5. Button button fixture
  6. Mother button fixture
  7. Tensometer (pointer)
    LX-5606 Buttons firmness tensile testing device 9. Size: 280 * 220 * 777 mm
What is Buttons Firmness Tensile Testing Machine?

Fire Safety For Workers

  • blocked access to fire extinguishers. PA (public address) system not available in each section of the factory in case of a fire (incl. sample room)
  • distances between fire hose pipes too short not allowing all areas of the factory to be reached with at least one
  • factory does not provide proper fire fighting training to sufficient number of workers by a competent person or prescribed authority
  • factory is lacking sufficient number of fire fighting equipment such as fire hooks, bitters, stretchers etc.
  • fire extinguishers are not provided in all areas (e.g. generator room, wastage room missing)
  • fire extinguishers are undercharged or out of order
  • fire extinguishers laid on floor or installed higher than 1.5m
  • fire fighters don’t wear identification (e.g. uniform, armband or badge)
  • fire hose pipes found partially blocked. smoke detectors not in all areas of the factory e.g. packing, sub-stores, accessory store, temporary yarn and fabric store, wastage store etc.
  • fire hose pipes not provided in all areas of the factory
  • hose pipes leaking
  • incorrect amount of CO2 (6kg), CO2 (30kg), ABC (6kg) and ABC (30kg) fire extinguishers available
  • insufficient number of fire fighters per production floor, need to be 25% of workforce
  • no training records available for fire fighter training provided
  • number and type of fire extinguishers not as per law or factory’s fire licence
  • number of fire extinguisher operators is less than required (25% of total workforce in any section separately (Bangladesh))
  • operating instructions are not available for all fire extinguishers, and not displayed on them or above where they are fixed