Burette Metal Pipette Spot Lamp Test Method
Burette Metal Pipette Spot Lamp Test Method

Burette Metal Pipette Spot Lamp Test Method

Burette Metal Pipette Spot Lamp

Burette Metal Pipette Spot Lamp


This In House Test Method describes the method of test in order to determine the wettability of fabrics containing hydrophilic fibres.


The correct number of test specimens are to be prepared and tested as specified within this test method in order to achieve a performance assessment of the product/fabric as described within the scope.



Retort Stand

Rubber/Metal Pipette Controller

Embroidery Ring

Spot Lamp


Distilled Water

30cm Ruler

Small Plastic Funnel


The test specimens are to be conditioned in the standard atmosphere of 65% Relative Humidity (RH) +/- 2% and 20°C +/- 2°C for a minimum of 16 hours. All tests should also be carried out in this atmosphere.


Not applicable.


  • Minimum size for the sample is 20mm x 200mm.
  • Lay the fabric on a flat surface and make sure that it is tension free.
  • Do not use fabric within 5cm of the selvedge
  • Mark out the fabric with a fine pen using the ruler.  Cut carefully along the lines.


  • Setting up the Apparatus:
  • Carefully fit the rubber tube and metal pipette onto the end of the burette.  To facilitate this, moisten the glass before fitting the tube.
  • Place the burette vertically onto the retort stand – carefully clamping it.
  • Then pour the distilled water into the burette – ensure the dropper is turned off.
  • Place the fabric into the embroidery ring and then place the ring under the burette – 6mm below the lower end of the metal pipette.
  • Arrange the spot lamp so that the light is focused onto the centre of the fabric.


  • Allow one drop of the water to fall from the burette onto the fabric and start the stopwatch at this instant.
  • Do not disturb the embroidery frame while test is in progress.
  • When the diffused reflection of the liquid vanishes from the surface of the fabric, stop the watch and take a reading of the time.
  • Repeat the test on four other areas of the sample.
  • Record readings of less than 10 seconds to the nearest 0.1 second and less than 1 second to 1/100 second.
  • Readings that exceed 200 seconds (3 minutes 20 seconds) can be aborted – record results as >200 seconds.


      Not applicable.


  • Report all individual results.
  • The number of measurements taken.
  • The mean of the measurements taken.
  • Note Burette Metal Pipette Spot Lamp :-      Test can be carried out afterwash at the customers request.  Sample should be washed as       per the care label supplied.

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