Best Print Management Software in Bangladesh

Best Print Management Software in Bangladesh – Best Print Management Software (PMS) is designed for the effective management and optimization of print devices and retated processes. lt is useful. in the management of the volume and nature of print materiats. lt also provides options for user authentication for accessing printers and other document print services. lt controts the print queues and provides secure methods of printing.

Managed print Services (MPS) are intended to manage aLL the aspects of business printing device-s, incl.uding printers, Copiers and Scanners. MPS optimizes these devices to save money that reduce paper wastes and increase efficiency

FundamentaLLy, tulpS means outsourcing Printing/Copying from AAPS provider over a contractual. period, which invotves depl.oying thJdevices, providing consumables & services along with print Management Software, AAPfcharges the customer as per their actual usage retrieved

Our Features

  • 24X7 care [ine avaiLabititY
  • 3-4 hours response time for service attain within Dhaka city’
  • Web-based service ctaim sYstem.
  • No Separate Servicing hasste and cost.
  • Ensured Data securitY.
  • Non Stop Printing Environment.
  • Reduce lTl5CAA/Logistics support.
  • No Capital investment required for Hardware & Software Solutions
  • ProfessionaI support to seLect appropriate product.
  • Assurance of consumables & Spares supply.
  • On-site Service and 5upports Activity.
  • Remote support over the phone or e-mait.
  • On-site service between 9:30 am to 5:30 pm.
  • Optimize power consumPtion.
  • Reduce paper printing wastage.
  • fulonitoring of uses report (PCS) of end users.
  • software based Anywhere Printing/Fotlow me Printing/Hol.d Printing.
  • lndividuaI device (Copy/Print/Scan) reporting by machine counter.