Best Misting Fan for Outdoor Cooling System
Best Misting Fan for Outdoor Cooling System

Best Misting Fan for Outdoor Cooling System

Best Misting Fan

We can also use our best misting fan and misting system to cool down athletic sporting events… at every level, from professional sports to college, and even high school and private events. There is a wide range of misting equipment, systems and configurations to choose from, meeting the needs of your particular Outdoor Cooling System sporting event

Outdoor Cooling System

Many People are unable to enjoy their yard or patio in summer. Our misting system can lower 10-12°C Outdoor Cooling System & indoor without wetting principle of working of textair centralize fogging system. 1) Water is forced at high pressure through special ant droplet nozzle with 0.1,0.5,0.2 mm orifice forming a fine fog like mist with billions of microscopic droplets. 2) When water droplets evaporate changing from liquid to gas the surrounding air cools, Millions or these droplets are evaporating every second. This tiny droplet Quickly absorb heat present in environment & evaporate hence the air will cool down. 3) you will feel chill or comfort when breeze strike your skin. This cooling is due to evaporative cooling 4) Low pressure system creates large, heavier droplets that drops to ground, wetting people & surrounding with minimal cooling. In contrast TEXT-AIR high pressure nozzle creates fine mist droplets that flash evaporate & cool the air instantly

Industrial Cooling

Water fogging system are installed for conditioning of large indoor area in industries. This can reduce enormous power consumed for air conditioning of large area. Air conditioning of large industrial warehouses, including those which need to operate with open doors and windows is possible with misting system. Misting systems becomes ideal for cooling large areas like industrial sheds, cotton / linen storage godown, garages, workshops or stadium for play ground or to dissipate high heat emissions from industrial processes like foundries, textile spinning and weaving mills


Evaporative cooling is responsible for the chill you feel when a breeze strikes your skin. The air evaporates the water on your skin, with your body heat providing the energy. By forcing water, by means of a high pressure pump, through our specially designed misting nozzles, we create a fog made by ultra fine water droplets with an average size of less than 10 microns. These tiny water droplets quickly absorb the energy (heat) present in the environment and evaporate, becoming water vapor (gas). The energy (heat) used to change the water to gas is eliminated from the environment, hence the air is cooled.

Industrial Cooling with Misting

Misting systems are installed with enormous advantages for air-conditioning of large indoor areas due to high benefits and reduced energy consumption. Create a safer and more productive working environment. Cooling employees, equipment and processes can lead to happier employees and big profits. Cooler workers are safer and more productive. Cooler machines last longer and can produce more. Many processes that need cooling can be speeded up using mist cooling. Air conditioning of large industrial warehouses, including those which need to operate with open doors and windows, was until now impossible with conventional systems. Today, however, misting systems becomes ideal for cooling large areas (industrial sheds, garages, workshops) or to dissipate high heat emissions from industrial processes (foundries, machinery). Cooling effect can also be combined with humidity control to increase productivity in specific industries (paper, wood, textiles). Water is sprayed under pressure by special patented nozzles capable of generating very fine droplets, of less than 10 microns, which are immediately absorbed by the air without wetting surfaces and objects below. The results are significant: low cost of installation and operation, immediately effective, cooling effect is located only in areas of interest, possibility of installation in an enclosed, semi-open and open environment. COSTS Important aspect of misting systems are highly limited costs if compared to traditional industrial air conditioning. Installation is easy and fast since systems are supplied in modular kit, with polyamide tubing and quick couplings. Or misting systems are for Outdoor Cooling System

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