1. Barco Recipe Management Software :

The barco recipe management software provides means to fully automated systems for the dye house department of the plant. It delivers a complete solution, including all steps (from Batch Planning to Batch End) needed in the process of dyeing a Batch, giving a full control and a complete monitoring of the connected machines and providing the user with extensive reporting of the Batches. The SedoMaster custom recipe management software has an intuitive user interface and easy navigation. This enables users with a basic Windows background to easily use the system.

 2. Tools of Recipe Management Software:

  • Software Define and edit Machines and Machine Types with their properties.
  • Software Define and edit Global parameters (e.g. Batch Parameters, Batch Texts, Alarm Groups…)
  • Link Machines or Machine Groups to the applicable defined parameters.
  • Define and edit one or more Shift Calendars and link them to the appropriate Machine. These definitions are taken into account when calculating the duration of a batch.
  • Plan Batches.
  • Software  Define and edit dyeing programs and download these programs to or upload them from the Controllers when needed.
  • Diagnostics of the network
  • Link to an external Recipe System
  • Use a SEDOMAT Dispenser or link to an external Dispensing System.
  • Link to a Host System (import and export).
  • Automatically or manually weigh the necessary products.
  • Keep full Stock Control of Dye Products.
  • Monitor the defined Machines, so the user can keep track of the different states the Machines are in and intervene when needed.
  • Complete reporting facilities.

 3. Features of  Manufacturing Information System Software :

  • Fully Beacon Integration  (configuration, program editor, scheduling, logging, reporting, controller intervention)
  • Mixed Dispensing report
  • Theoretical Curve at Program design time
  • Batch earliest start time
  • Replaced internal production number on controller by batch number
  • 24h Machine Logging
  • Extended Batch Reporting and manufacturing information system
  • Improved performance
  • All known bugs from version 6.0 are solved in the version 6.1

 4. Configuration of Barco Products

Manufacturing Information System Software
Barco Automated Systems

4.1. Beacon Parameters

  • Configuration (editing) of the User Prompts and Control Parameters
  • Up/Downloading/Copy the User Prompts and Control Parameters
  • Configuration of  Stop Text Groups and Function Groups for Beacon
  • Link User Prompts with Function Stop Groups for Beacon machine types
  • Linking Beacon Batch Parameters is the process

5. Monitoring

5.1. Manufacturing Information Systems

  • We have adapted the logging graphic so that we can display Beacon features in the graph, like control parameters, input/outputs at cursor level, user prompts.
  • The logging graphic for SEDOMATs now supports also infowords and infobits at marker as manufacturing information systems
  • Support of 24h machine logging : it’s now possible to show in one logging graphic the latest 24 hours logging of each machine. (included events, alarms, stop declarations, all infowords & bits, program start/stops, …)
  • 2 new forms for showing the detailed alarm overview and stop declaration overview ; each form has a summary overview ; with printout
  • This release of SedoMaster uses Monitoring Client version 3.03 (Build 1186) as a monitoring system. Hence all new features supported by that component are also applicable in the SedoMaster System.
  • The new Monitoring includes improved manners of filtering: the Batch Selection is no longer limited to a certain number of Batches in the past and reporting can be requested over flexible periods (whereas in the past it was always relative to the current day).
  • An improved way of logging (differential logging) results in a considerable smaller size for the log files, this of course without loss of data using manufacturing information system
  • The Trend Logging Graphics and Program Overview have been made visually more attractive. The Program Overview now integrates Alarms and Program Stops (both on screen and on print) and supports function icons.

5.2. Industrial Automation in Floor:

Added many new items for better reporting like :

  • Batch idle time : time between batches
  • Industrial automation of batch remaining time
  • Time till next function stop
  • Next function stop name
  • Current function of barco products elapsed time
  • Current function start time is industrial automation
  • Current alarm of barco products elapsed time
  • Current alarm start time for industrial automation
  • Current stop declaration elapsed time
  • Current stop declaration of barco productsstart time
  • Current addition elapsed time
  • Current addition start time
  • Current active treatment number
  • Batch recipe process number is a industrial automation

6. Plan board

  • Support of Earliest start time
  • It consist for textile dyeing process
  • Support Red Tails
  • Support for entering machine stop declarations
  • Status Flags for alarm, operator call, stop and weighed are supported.
  • This release of the Planboard provides means to plan Batches simultaneously on different Clients.
  • The Planboard also supports Universal Printing.
  • In this release, every user has (as well as his Security Rights) a Planner Code. This Planner Code denotes in which machines the current user is interested. The Planboard will only display those machines in its overview.
  • The remaining time for an active batch is available in the planboard, based on the actual active function.
  • The time of the next operator call is also supported, based on the actual active function
  • Preferences only support SedoMaster
  • Batch data and Preparation data can be exported to the host system via two different files.
  • RGB color from the recipe system is imported

 7. Sedomat Dispenser Service for Automation Engineering

  • It is now possible to configure automation engineering in a second Treatment Parameter for Product Amount. This was needed in case of dispensers that have a wide range of amounts they can handle.
  • Improved performance of industrial automation and automation engineering system for textile dyeing process

7.1. Link to Dispenser Service

  • Barco products have mixed dispenser operation
  • The dispensing service is now made dependent on the combination of Product, Machine and on a restriction on the amount of the product.

7.2. Link to Host Service for Textile Dyeing Process

  • Barco products support of following new triggers for exporting purposes
    It support all function stop events for textile dyeing process

8. Database of Recipe Management System

  • Maintenance plan and backup purposes and cleanup of the transaction log file for all barco products
  • Indexes on t_batch for performance improvements

8.1. Controller Intervention

  • Indication of Master/Slave is supported for textile dyeing recipe management system
  • If a controller is selected, the functions steps for the active treatment are displayed (with indication of active functions).
  • Values for the info words/bits are refreshed for textile dyeing recipe management system
  • Before implement  it first install Barco textile dyeing recipe management system
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