Automatic Trimming Machine

The automatic trimming machine machine adopts multi head and multi needle structure which makes it possible to embroider multiple colorful plat embroidery with the same patterns and lockstitches and realize automatic trimming machine function (K knife or H knife). The system consists of automatic trimming, motor thread clasping, stepping motor trimming and stepping motor hooking. During the embroidery process, if the upper threads and the lining threads use up or cut off, the machine will automatically stop running and give an alarm, and accurately report the head position of the cut-off thread.

Automatic Refueling Control of Trimming Machine:

According to the set number of needles, the machine can automatically refuel the head driver section and shuttle race, greatly extending the service time of the embroidery machine under high speed operation.

Automatic Refueling Control of Trimming Machine
Automatic Refueling Control of Trimming Machine

Technical Specification of Dahao:

Quantity of Heads : 2/4/6/8…………/30

Quantity of Needles : 9/6/3

Dahao Head Distance : 400

Embroidery Area: 400*1200

Altearnative Embroidery : 800*1200

Power: 1000 Wats

Electronic Control:

Adopt 5-inch display screen, USB pattern input, and real-time pattern tracking display and install Dahao 328 computers.

Embroidery Quality:

The machine adopts international bobbin technology, which effectively improves the embroidery quality, strengthens the stereoscopic effects and enlivens the patterns.

Embroidery Quality of Dahao
Embroidery Quality

The machine adopts advanced upper thread gripper mechanism, improves the effects of trim thread and offline thread, supports flat package, stitch spacing compensation and optimizes the tatami and small-letter embroideries, helping your embroidery machines to achieve fine embroidery results.

Frame Body for Dress Trimmings:

The frame body is designed with brand new structure, which realizes lOOOrpm maximum speed, 6.0mm length of changeover needle and greatly improves the production efficiency. Increase the structural stability of the body frame and make the whole machine and its appearance more beautiful.

Frame Body for Dress Trimmings
Frame Body for Dress Trimmings

Linear Drive for Dress Trimmings:

The main motor and drive motor are both Dahao servo motors, called full servo motor. The main motor has stable performance and strong power and has gone through years of experiments and tests. The machine adopts the full servo motor system, making the embroidering more gentle and stable. This embroidery machine is used for dress trimmings

Dress Trimmings
Dress Trimmings

Accessories of Trimming Machine:

Platen support and chassis, computer manual, atlas of spare parts, toolbox, automatic coil winding machine

Needle & Broken Needle Control Procedure:

  • Needle register should be maintained in the store before issuing any needle to the floor.
  • Needle register should be maintained in the floor’s supply section, which will record receive, disburse and stock in hand records.
  • Needle should be checked daily by the quality personnel in the morning and if necessary quality personnel should inform respected supervisors to change needle.
  • Trimming machine needle guard and eye guard should be used properly where applicable.
  • When there is a case of broken needle, the worker, who is involved, should carry all the pieces in the designated box situated in the line to the supply section for submission.
  • There should be a broken pieces in each floor’s supply section.
  • There is a comprehensive policy for needle issue that needle should be disbursed only against receiving old or broken needle and no extra needle should be issued.
  • Broken or old trimming machine needle quantity should be same as disbursed new needle quantity.
  • If a broken needle quantity is not found in a station, then all shirts or cut piece form that station and also from stations in front and back in that line is freeze until all pieces of the needle is found. If needle is not found manually, then the related fabric should be checked by metal detector.
  • If even after checking by metal detector broken needle pieces not found, then the bundle of that process is taken away and destroyed.
  • In the specified areas, where we process metal free orders, no metal accessories of trims related to shirts are allowed.
  • Finished shirts of all metal free orders should be checked by conveyor metal detector before loading in carton.
  • Metal free checked shirts and open carton (loading in process) must be kept in a secured place.
  • All broken and old needles should be disposed from stock every one year.

Requirements for trimming machine broken needle control: 

  • When a needle breaks the worker must call the nominated person/supervisor in charge for the process and MUST find ALL fragments of the broken needle and hand them to the nominated person/supervisor.
  • The needle or needle pieces should be placed in a small sealed container, in order to reduce risk of loss and taken to the needle control area where the new needles are         being issued.
  • Ideally this should be a small self contained mini-office on the production floor  one full time employee situated inside, who only has access.
  • The nominated person for keeping the needle log must check that all pieces have been submitted, by aligning the pieces and comparing them to an intact needle of    the same ref. or a sample chart with the following columns
  • Machine type / sample of the trimming machine needle / ref. no. / length in mm (please see example attached)
  • Please see an example attached.
  • All pieces of the broken/bent needle MUST then be taped to the needle replacement form by sticky tape ensuring that all parts are securely kept in place.
  • This record must be kept for a minimum of 3 years as proof of due dilignce in case of any legal claims.
  • If any parts of the broken needle cannot be found, the machine operator must, with the supervisor present search the area around the machine, including looking in the oil bed inside the machine throat plate, feed dogs and bobbin case.
  • The bundles that the worker was working on as well as any bundles in surrounding areas of the workstation (within 2 metres) must be isolated, moved to a separate location in a container/carton (e.g. in a bin that is painted red to clearly identify it), clearly labelled and checked with a metal detector (preferably a conveyor belt one).
  • Any found fragments must be added to the needle replacement form.
  • If any parts of the broken needle still cannot be found, then these bundles MUST be placed in a locked container and later on destroyed after authorisation has been obtained by the production or factory manager.
  • Records of the complete procedure must be kept for a minimum of 6 years after production to be available for auditing purposes.
  • Under NO circumstances must the product be returned to stock.
  • If all parts have been found the components/garments can be returned to the workstation.
  • Only once the needle replacement form has been fully completed the machinist may be issued with a new needle.
  • The above also applies to embroidery trimming machine and other hand and machine operations. It is the supplier’s responsibility to enforce their subcontractors to adhere to the broken needle procedures.
  • Besides the basic broken trimming machine needle procedure the following is the additional step to be taken:
  • If the broken piece cannot be found on the full width embroidery fabric, a special sticker indicating “Broken needle – Special handling” has to be attached at the end of each roll.

Disposal Policy of Blade, Broken Needle & and Non-conforming goods: 

  • We do not destroy recycle or sale our broken needles button hole knives old cutting blades and non-conforming goods before one year, It means we preserved all of the above things for one year.
  • Every financial year our product safety manager invite all of our honorable buyer or their representative to watch destroying / burning /recycling the broken needles, utility button hole knives, old cutting blades and non-conforming
  • They make a team who collect all broken needles, utility buttonhole knives, old cutting blades and non-conforming goods and take snaps before & after burn.
  • They make a resolution to witness for future records.

Centralized Thread Hooking for Automatic Trimming Machine :

Two thread hooking methods are available, the centralized thread hooking and the stepping motor hooking for automatic trimming machine. It is high speed multi head trimming machine.

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