Auto Medical Services and Hospitals

At Auto Medical, we believe in our people. With a small but dynamic team of 15 peoples, we are committed to providing flexible, tailor made offerings that will delight our customers. We have number of human resource programs coupled by our spiriting of ‘winning’ in place dedicated to keep our staff motivated, diligent and provide you with excellent customer service at all time.

Hemayetpur, Savar, Dhaka.
• Floor Area – 2,500 sq. ft.
• Services and Initiatives –
o Outdoor Service
o Specialist Service
o Pathological Service
o Minor Operations
o Fair Priced Pharmacy
o Executive Health Check up
o Health Package for Factory
o Free Health Camps at Schools and Villages
o Yearly Blood Donation Programme
o Day-care Service (Sick Bed)
o EPI Programme for Child and Mother