Audit Report of a Washing Factory

Audit Report of a Washing Factory

A security audit was carried out at Auto  Washing Ltd on 15 August 2009

Personal Security.

  • Physical Security.
  • Information Access Control.
  • Storage and Distribution.
  • Contractor Control.
  • Drug Interdiction.

The audit team consisted of the following persons of Corporate Head Office.

The audit started at 1015 hrs and concluded at 1700 hrs. The following are the observations:

Personal Security

  • Some lefty workers ID copy not displayed in the main gate.
  • Security Awareness among the workers needs to be geared up.
  • Background checks of old workers are not up dated frequently.
  • 9 New Workers were found not issued with IDs.
  • Employment history checks are not conducted correctly.
  • Background checks are not completed for some new workers.
  • The plant has some isolated security related policies but missing a comprehensive Security Policy contained in a single book.
  • Missing ID card cases not investigated properly.

Physical Security

  • The tree situated between the perimeter wall and the factory building should be covered with barbed wire.
  • Chassis number of incoming cargo Covered Van not recorded in the Vehicle In/Out Register.
  • Some lights were found fuse near the perimeter wall.
  • There are no distribution records of keys.
  • Phone number of nearest Police Station not displayed with other important number in the gate.
  • Parking lot is not properly monitored.
  • Back ground checks on all applicants are not documented.
  • CCTV monitor recording is of 32 days only.
  • Auto intrusion detection system not yet installed in the factory.
  • Guards on patrol duty are not provided with torch lights at night.
  • Training and awareness on Cargo Integrity, recognition and detection of dangerous substances, internal conspiracies etc are to incorporated in the training classes.
  • Restriction on employees’ access must be restricted to own relevant areas.
  • Some portion of perimeter wall needs more lights to illuminate during hours of darkness.
  • Parking Lot for visitors and employees not separated.
  • Internal patrolling of guards is not documented in Guards Patrol Register.

Information Access Control

  • Computer back up system is not stored properly.
  • Incidents of unauthorized IT system access are not investigated.
  • Invalid password attempt to access file is not reviewed periodically.
  • Information access related security and procedures are not documented and verifiable.
  • The facility should implement intrusion warning system into its network system.
  • Factory must possess a policy for disciplining IT system violators.

Storage and Distribution

  • Cargo units are labeled but not weighed before loading.
  • Storage and distribution security procedures need improvements.
  • Restriction of movement of uninvolved persons in the loading dock.
  • There is no security control system in place to prevent introduction of foreign materials at the point of loading.
  • The sentry on duty at the store area needs to be trained further on counter intruder procedure.
  • Partially loaded cargo vans are not sealed.
  • Contractor Control
  • Security related aspects are not incorporated in the agreement.
  • Contractors records which are not documented in a separate register.
  • While selecting contractor the facility does not consider contractor’s security control.
  • Contractors back ground checks are not made.

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