Arrangements Maintenance of Stores

You were already alerted of the impending audit by Otto Group for Euro Centra vide the above quoted letter. I understand that since the facility is still under construction, as such there could multifarious problems concerning many aspects including – neat arrangement of the factory area as a whole. But the facilities like fabric store, yarn store, chemical store etc, which are already being used as functional units, has to be arranged in a neat, tidy and organized fashion. All points of health and safety have to be adhered to, in complete form.

But, the present conditions of all the stores of Aswad are in a ‘horrible’ state. I am constrained to use the term “horrible” because of the fact that there are no bin cards, most of the stores lack pallets, and worst of all in many portion of the stores different categories of goods, are all mingled up in a haphazard condition. In the same premise while some stacks are piled below six feet level, whereas in the same facility some packages are stacked up to ceiling height. Most of the floors are very dirty.

Please harness your available concerned manpower who are related to stores and mobilize them effectively, to fix up this problem before the audit takes place. Organize the stores in a neat and tidy fashion, if anybody neglects or disregards, his/her own responsibilities, please take administrative action as per rules. Besides the sweepers must be fully activated and well triggered to do own jobs. Please be reminded, that if the audit takes place in the condition as is existing in Aswad now, it will certainly fail.

Forwarded for your information and necessary action please.

Rework rate by person, by production line and by production department
Defect rate by person, by production line and by production department
Number of units produced per worker, per production line and per production department
Number of days needed from day 1 to the time when a new worker can perform their jobs independently.
A functioning working hours recording system that can:
Accurately track workers’ clock in and out time;
Differentiate working hours by worker, amongst normal working hours, overtime on weekdays, on week offs and on public holidays;
You have assigned responsible personnel to review clock in and out record on a daily basis to spot inconsistency and correct data in time.