Arcadia Management

The purpose of the system is to manage the approval of test reports uploaded by laboratories. The website is a central location where all test reports are housed. Three simple processes take place within the website:

The lab uploads the test reports specific to each supplier by entering their details. Read about IT Consulting

The supplier creates a Top sheet including all basic information of the line, e.g. colour, description, fabric composition etc. Once this is completed the file can be sent over to Arcadia.

Arcadia Management technologists will then view each file and choose whether to approve the line or not.

Supplier should log in on a daily basis to check for any updates and approvals

Ensure wash care is approved prior to ordering labels


If you lose your password please contact the system administrator. Your password can be changed once you have logged in. Please note that your username is not case sensitive, but your password is.

Menu System

Once you have logged in the first screen with navigation buttons along the left hand side and TO DO screen on the right.

You can search for a line by entering information into the top tool bar; lines can be filtered by brand or department.

All lines that have been uploaded by the lab are now ready for you to start working on.

There are always 5 navigation buttons along the left.

To Do  – showing all reports that you need to action.

Arcadia to do   – shows all tests submitted to Arcadia Management for approval

Completed Test – once test is approved by Arcadia, open top sheet and click on ‘mark as read’ and the top sheet will automatically move to this section

Instructions – is the Word Document of Instructions

Performance Standards – to download Arcadia requirements and test methods

Change Password – allows you to change password

Logout   – logs you out of the website.

To Do

After you log in you see the TO DO screen, showing all reports that you need to action. Clicking on the PDF icon or test report number will open the test reports PDF report, the Arcadia icon (black

This section shows all test reports your lab has submitted, ordered by latest report first. This list can be sorted alphabetically by clicking the column headers. If there are more that 15 results, you can navigator onto the next page by clicking next >>. Additionally you search for particular reports by using the search fields above the list. Select what you want to search for then click SEARCH. You can search for a combination of Brand, Ref, Line number and test report number. Click CLEAR to clear that search.

Once the Arcadia technologist has viewed the line they will then have the option to return, approve or reject. Always ensure you check the comments box incase there are amendments to make prior to ordering labels.

Once the top sheet has been approved (or rejected) by Arcadia, you will then need open the top sheet and select ‘Mark as Read’ and the test will automatically move into you ‘Completed Tests’ section.

To Link Test Reports (When multiple line numbers share the same test report)


Arcadia Management – Clicking Add Line on the Test Report will allow the supplier to link new line numbers to the test report. The new line number will appear on the test report, and on the appropriate top sheet.