What is Alcohol Wear Testing Machine? How Does it Works?
What is Alcohol Wear Testing Machine? How Does it Works?

What is Alcohol Wear Testing Machine ? How Does it Works?

What is Alcohol Wear Testing Machine? How Does it Works?

  • Alcohol Wear Testing Machine test station: two
  • load: 50 ~ 1000g
  • travel: 10 ~ 60mm (manually adjustable)
  • speed: 5 ~ 60 times / min (knob adjustment, LCD
  • display)
  • Counter: 0 ~ 99999999 times (presettable, LCD
  • display)
  • load weight: 50,100,200,300,500g each 2
  • friction medium: standard cotton cloth, eraser, a
  • Chinese 2B pencil two
  • alcohol or other liquid friction rule: two
  • eraser rubbing stencil: two
  • pencil rubbing rule: two
  • size (L × W × H): 500 × 450 × 600mm …

Chemicla Nature

  • chemicals are not labelled with warning sign/safety label (i.e. alcohol, scrap oil, solvents) and are not segregated and stored safely
  • Chemical Consumption for dyeing machine
  • chemicals not stored in secondary container (e.g. diesel oil drums, chemical containers in spot removal rooms, chemical storage area of washing section)
  • child care room found near generator room causing excessive noise levels
  • amount of toilets/urinals per male and female workers is not as per law. no doors or curtains at toilet cubicles to ensure privacy
  • detergents of washing plant stored at goods in storage area, should be kept in laundry area or other safe, separate location
  • diesel barrels are kept without protection
  • No exhaust fan at spot removal room or common chemical store room
  • no MSDS displayed where chemicals are stored and used (chemical store room, spot removal room)
  • no spot cleaning room (there should be one for each finishing section)
  • No water connection at eye wash station
  • PPE missing in chemical store
  • spot cleaning room found not fully covered (no door or door open during working hours)
  • spot cleaning rooms without eye wash station (wash basin) and proper ventilation
  • spot removing operator not aware of hazards of spot removing agents

Specification of abrasion testing machine

  • Counter: adjustable 0-99999999 times
  • Round-trip: 0 – 60 times (adjustable)
  • Friction distance: 10mm – 50mm can be adjusted freely
  • Test bar can be adjusted up and down the required istance
  • Size: 63x45x37 (LxWxH) cm
  • Accessories:
  • Test rod 75 g ± 1 2 sticks
  • Rub the head of alcohol 11 ∮ 2 sticks
  • Weight 500 grams, 200 grams, 100 grams, 50 grams, 25 grams, 20 grams, 10 rams each two 2 pieces of sandpaper, 1 brush, a set of tools

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