Air Blowing Softening & Drying Machine:

The equipment of air blowing softening & drying machine is used for regular and open width woven or knitted fabric wash and dry and finishing of woven or knitted fabric weighing from 200 to 1 200g/m2 for the purpose of obtaining good hand features and low shrinkage. For towel woven or knitted fabrics, loops can be made very natural and a special hand property will be achieved with most general natural shrinkage .

Features of Air Flow Machine:

  • Transmission of woven or knitted fabric is understood by the alternative blowing air produced by the general drying system. The woven or knitted fabric is tumbled repetitively between the two woven or knitted fabric tanks and stricken regularly under the action of hot blowing air. The amount of woven or knitted fabric fed is equivalent to the amount of woven or knitted fabric discharged to ensure regular operation of the air flow machine.
  • The woven or knitted fabric inside the air flow machine is processed tensionless as a result soft and full hand features can be earned with a very general shrinkage. For towel or knitted fabrics, loops could be made natural to achieve a special hand property.
  • Dwell time of the woven or knitted fabric in the unit, the temperature for drying and the blowing pressure can be attuned according to the processing requirements.

Device Design for Best Fabric Softener:

A unique design is accepted for the internal structure of the unit to use better woven or knitted fabric softener, so that the woven or knitted fabricant be stricken repetitively between the two fabric tank under the action of very hot blowing air and the cleaning device inside unit can remove the cotton dust from the filtering screen to make sure high quality of the processed woven or knitted fabric. Better woven or knitted fabric softener is used before drying process.

Fabric Wash and Dry Mechanical Process:

Open width fabric wash and dry compacting process flow chart of air flow softening and drying machine is given here –

Fabric Wash and Dry Mechanical Process:
Fabric Wash and Dry Mechanical Process

Expanding and centering the device

tensioning the frame


The fabric tank A

The striking device

The fabric tank B (fabric is tumbled and striken repeatedly between fabric tanks A and B)

expanding & centering device

intermediate winch process

The fabric tank C

The striking device

The fabric tank D ( fabric is tumbled and striken repeatedly between

The fabric tanks C and D )

air cooling device

screw expanding process

expanding and centering device

belt and winch for transmission

plaiting device

Specifications of Air Blowing Softening & Drying Machine:

Specification of air flow softening & drying machine is specified here.

Specifications NameSpecifications Value
Product CategoryDryer
Machine CategoryDryer Machine
Product NameAir Flow Softening and Drying Machine
Product ModelMade in China
Product ClassNew
OriginMade in China
Brand/ ManufacturerName of Manufacturer
Agent in BangladeshNo/Yes
Power380v, [6.17+nx49.B7+[n-1)x 1.27] kW
Production CapacityNA
TypeSingle-layered and horizontal with hot air circulation
Nominal width1BOO, 2000, 2200, 2400, 2600, 2BOO mm
Machine handLeft or right
TemperatureInside chambers – 100 – 1BO’C
Nominal speed20 m Imin
DeliveryBy pia iter
Heat sourceThermal oil
Overall dimensions[Lx Bx H, n means the no. of chambers): [394B+n x 2600+[n-1) x955] x [W+BOO) x 2410 mm
No. of chambers1 to 4, each 2.35 m long
DescriptionAir blowing softening & drying machine apply automatic fabric wash and dry process