Ahiba Machinery for Cotton Penetration
Ahiba Machinery for Cotton Penetration

Ahiba Machinery for Cotton Penetration


Ahiba Short description

When cotton is dyed in gray state it is important to evaluate the wetting property of an auxiliary used as dispersing agent or colloid protective in order to determine if the product can be used without the addition of another wetting  product. This test will show the wetting and penetration properties of the DPA when dyeing gray cotton. We sale Asset Management Group Wise Allotment Software

Material and machinery

Substrate :                   Cotton in gray state,

                                      10 gr. , Article Nr. 3034                       (B)

Dyeing recipe               4,0 % Cibacron Navy F-G                   (A)

                                      3,0 g/l Lyoprint RG                              (A)

                                      20  g/l Glauber’s salt                             (A)

                                      2,5 ml/l Caustic soda 30 %                   (D)

                                      1,2  g/l soda ash                                    (C)

Auxiliary                      0 – 1 – 2 – 4 g/l of the tested product

Machinery                   AHIBA

Water                           de-ionized or distillate water ( soft water )

Liquor ratio                 1 : 40

Dyeing procedure       Process 1b, Pattern card 3170

Ahiba Machinery for Cotton Penetration
Ahiba Machinery for Cotton Penetration

Finishing                    rinsing           5 min. cold

                                                         5 min. hot (80 – 90 ° C)

                                    soaping         2 g/l Eriopon CRN

                                                         10 min. at the boil

                                    rinsing           5 min. cold

Evaluation                  The penetration of the dyeing as well as the surface levelness are compared and rated :

                                      Penetration               note                   Surface levelness

                                      good                           5                      level

                                      medium                       3                      slightly unlevel

                                    insufficient                   1                      unlevel

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