Agreement For Sub Contract

Between             1.


We hereby the above two factory made an agreement for subcontract order

  • Item wise each style price should be fixed as per work order.
  • Payment terms: By cash or accounts pay cheque only (Partial Payment can be acceptable).
  • Transportation terms: Fortis Garments Ltd will collect all the material from Mother Factory by own cost. But Mother Factory should be ready to deliver all the material together once a time. And if Mother factory not able to deliver all materials together then Mother factory have to take the responsibilities for the delivery of balance material.
  • Fortis Garments Ltd. will not take any liabilities of the goods after departure from Factory
  • In any case any of our sewing line /section idle for lack of supply or information from Mother Factory then Mother factory have to take the liabilities.

On behalf of                                                                                                                       On behalf of

Textiles Ltd.                                                                                                             Garments Ltd.

Other Terms

A recruitment process for young workers to prevent non-compliant recruitment practice (e.g. child labor, inappropriate use of student workers and putting young workers in hazardous working conditions), including:
Clear documentation of young workers’ basic information (e.g. date of birth, gender, and school information)
Scheduling and conducting health check-ups as required by the national law
Proper contract signing with all parties required
A clear policy on young workers contracts/termination/suspension/resignation/dismissal management (e.g. clarifying how many days of absence would constitute termination).
A complete and up-to-date list of all workers with clear and full information on worker profile (e.g. gender, age, time for joining, department, time for resignation/termination, labor contract information and emergency contacts).
You have assigned specific personnel to be responsible for the regular and on-time update of worker name list and relevant worker profile documents

• Supervisors refer to the second level of leaders above the main workforce. They oversee the overall production process and ensure that it is carried out according to the production and quality goals set by the factory managers.
• They spend 100% of their time on managerial duties, if not, then they are considered as workers and should be included in total number of workers