Accounts Departments
Accounts Departments of a Factory

Accounts Departments of a Readymade Garments Factory

Accounts Departments

Accounts Departments is directly under the supervision of the top management. However, they closely work with purchase, commercial and personnel department. Information related to this department is highly sensitive and therefore all the information regarding this department is not disclosed with others. We sale Textile Accounting Software

  • Written authorization from top management or the Managing Director is needed to access information regarding this department.
  • To collect information regarding the employees salary and wages like hours of work from the Personnel Department and prepare the salary sheet, pay slip etc.
  • Ensure payment of the workers wages by the stipulated time period as applicable by the law with the instructions and approval from the top management.
  • Keep Accounts Departments of all the financial transactions of the company in a clearly eligible and legal format as prescribed by the law.
  • Prepare and maintain all the financial statements of the company.
  • Ensure and limit access of all the financial information of the company to the top management only. Computers with this department will be out of the usual networking system of the company.
  • Management retains any and all right to hire, fire, promote, demote, provide bonus as per the provisions of applicable law.

Other Compliance Issue

  • There is a procedure to conduct a security check of incoming and outgoing cargo vehicles?
  • A conveyance truck arrival and departure log is maintained with the driver’s name, truck licenses number and reason for visit?
  • A conveyance driver is required to show personnel photo identification?
  • Outbound conveyance inspection includes a manifest check and recording the container number and seal number?
  • Any outbound conveyance seal number discrepancy of a broken seal is reported to security management immediately and the container examined?
  • The container seal number is verified for accuracy when turned over to the next supply chain link?
  • Shipping and receiving parking lots are separated from parking lots?
  • Visitors and employee vehicles are prevented from parking near cargo conveyance vehicles?
  • Visitors and employee vehicle parking lots are monitored by security guards and are separate from facility and entrances?
  • Vehicles are prohibited / prevented from parking near the perimeter fencing/
  • Facilities require use of visual identification for visitor parking? (color coded parking sticker, tag, decal)
  • Methods exist to prevent tampering with goods during production, assembly and packaging?
  • Methods exist to detect and report cargo shortages and overages during container loading?
  • Written procedures exist to identify which employees are allowed access to Automobile system?
  • Procedures exist to select which employees are allowed access to cargo shipping documents?
  • Procedures exist to select which employees are allowed access to cargo shipping movements?
  • There are procedures to identify which employees have access to High Security Seals?
  • Information systems passwords are protected/
  • Only relevant employees are provided with individually assigned IT system accounts?
  • Computer access passwords are subject to regular forced changes and suspended after three failed access attempts?
  • The facility has procedures to adjust or rescind computer access?
  • There is a designated system administrator responsible to establish a user ID?
  • There are security logs kept and reviewed weekly that report invalid password attempts and file access?
  • Incidents of unauthorized IT system access is investigated and recorded?
  • The facility has implemented into its computer network an intrusion warning system?
  • Computer information is saved on a back – up system and a plan exists to restore data in case of a failure?
  • The facility has a designated employee responsible to provide accurate information on shipped company products?
  • A person is trained on the information requirements for shipment to the US?
  • Records are maintained on all shipments?
  • The facility conducts quarterly and unannounced checks to ensure that shipment information controls are properly performed?
  • International and domestic cargo is segregated at the facility?
  • Container loading and departure is supervised by a security officer and / or a facility management?
  • Loading dock access is restricted to only authorize employees?
  • Security controls are in place to prevent the introduction of non – manifested cargo into the container during stuffing?
  • Accurate, legible and complete cargo documents and packing slips are prepared?
  • Procedures are utilized to report to management anomalies found in shipments and / or the accompanying documents?
  • There are automated procedures for tracking goods and containers during domestic shipment?
  • Cargo cartons are properly labeled and weighed before loading?
  • Container integrity is inspected by using the 7 – point inspection process prior to stuffing and records are kept for 45 days?
  • A written procedure ensures that only an ISO – 17712 High Security Cable Seal is placed on a container bound for the US?
  • Procedures for affixing, replacing, recording and tracking container seals, to include maintaining a seal control log, is utilized?
  • There are procedures to identify which employees have access to High Security Seals and the Seal Control Log?
  • Only appointed facility management or security supervisor have access to High Security Seals and the Seal Control Log?
  • Seal Control Logs are kept for 6 months?
  • The facility has written procedures regarding selection of contractors to perform services which require access to the facility?
  • When selecting a contractor, the facility considers the contractor’s security controls, hiring practices and corporate history?
  • The company has written security standards and procedures for its contractors (contacts, manuals, etc)?
  • Contractors are retained through legally binding contracts?
  • When selecting a domestic land carrier, the facility considers security history, hiring practice and corporate history?
  • An in – country transport service contract restricts the driver’s route to the seaport or consolidator and defines the transit time – limits?
  • An in – country transport service contract requires container tracking, intermediate staging / rest period or layover requirements?
  • An in – country transport service indicates container reporting in – transit security violations to factory management?
  • The facility conducts periodic unannounced procedure security checks to ensure that the transport security contract is followed?
  • Records on the security check are kept on file for 12 months?


Accounts Departments  -Management will review from time to time the above stated policies and duties and responsibilities and holds the sole right to change or amend. However, your valued suggestion will be taken into consideration while making these changes. Management works and expects your full cooperation in fulfilling their aim and objective to ensure a healthy, safe, secured and responsible working environment for all.

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