To work in an environment where there is an opportunity of being useful by means of self-assessment and self improvement in both individual and group based work that will ultimately lead the future development of the organization.

I prefer to work in an organization where friendly organized environment with team sprit that I can get a good opportunity for career development to any area of job particularly in the computational activity area which is suitable for me according to my qualification that I would be able to use my knowledge and experience.


Name of Organization


Job Description  Official Documents Maintain.
 Manpower Planning.
 Staff Development.
 Developing HR Policies.
 Job and Role analysis.
 Selection & Recruitment.
 Job Satisfaction Survey.
 Revising Guidelines on employee benefits.
 Prepared & Formulated HR related various ç. Programs, Schedule, Rules.
 Provide necessary support to management in performing activities in the area of labor.
 Factory Compliance
 Human Rights issues
 Security, Health & Safety
 Health & Safety.
 Hygiene & Employee Welfare & Compliance.
 Handling Factory Compliance
 Supervising all work of personnel/ HR
 Monitoring Labour Industrial law
 Making Salary Sheet
 Making Attendance Report
 Maintaining leave, Maternity & Accident Register.

Name of Organization :

Position :

Job Description :
 To ensure factory security of plant, premises & personnel.
To participate/ arrange in factory’s transport service system.
To participate in factory establishment & asset management.
To participate in factory’s construction, expansions, resource mobilization, renovation program.
To supervise all installation, fixing, construction work.
To deal with all procurement, distribution & provisioning activities:-
a) To asses/identify all purchase/procurement requirement of the factory, process the requistion, for warded these to head office as recommended by the concerned factory head and follow-up same.
b) To check/verify all purchase related requisition from all departments, process these and forwarded then to head office as recommended by the concerned factory head & follow-up.
To ensure that all ultra…/trash/Jhut are in regular disposal/sale.
A.To maintains the factory always prepared/ready for following audits:-
Social compliance Audit.
Technical/Quality control audit.
Security System audit (C-TPAT).
B. To supervise/ensure that health and safety issues as per in house checklist are properly and finally maintained as in complicate.
To ensure that no force employment occurred in the factories.
To ensure that employment of no child/young looking workers are made.
To ensure non decimation in course of employment, paying/ providing wages/salary/benefits/facilities/welfare.
To attend/participate workers welfare committee meeting. Offer frequent hearing to the agreed workers in.
To coordinate with manager/asst. manager/officer (labour relation) from time to time in respect of disciplinary/ IR issues and refer the issues to him.
To ensure access/right to inspection during buyer’s audits.
To check all data, records, reports, formats, statement, rack, files, books & register of all departments are properly prepared, issued, up-date & maintained as per compliance requirement/standards:-
To take instant corrective action in auditors certain minor findings/ discrepancies during audit.
To ensure that all corrective action has been taken
 monitoring round to each and every section of leave and every section of the factory to observe the general discipline, cleanliness, health and safety issues etc.
 Compliance check list drive along with compliance executive in any line/ section of the factory.
 Ensure compliance documentations to meet the requirements of ES Audit.
 Report to the higher authority for the issues and incidents in the factory

 Awareness Program about BLL-2006
 Awareness on Health & Safety issues
 Training on selected personnel on fire fighting equipments
 Awareness Program on PPE equipments.
 Conduct Fire Drill.
 Nominate employee of the month


 Ensuring proper implementation of Bangladesh labor law in the factory.
 Ensuring proper implementation of Buyers Code of Conduct in the factory.
 Ensuring all facilities as per law and Buyer’s COC.
 Corresponding with buyers and 3rd party Audit firm for factory evaluation.
 Preparing Corrective Action Plan (CAP) as per Audit report.
 Implementation of CAP.
 Taking necessary steps before compliance Audit.
 Daily monitoring of compliance issues as per check list.
 Monitoring Occupational Health & Safety issues in the factory.
 Finding Health & Injury risk, occupational disease assessment & take action to reduce.
 Preparing Fire safety Committee & arrange training.
 Arranging Fire Drill.
 Arranging Fire equipments operation training PPE using training and First aid training
 Arranging training on worker frights based on labor law.
 Ensuring portable drinking water, arrange to test the drinking water.
 Ensuring hygienic toilet facilities to workers.


 Tendency to develop skill in the relevant job field.
 Posses a positive, balanced & pleasing personality
 Skilled in better communication.
 Able to face and stress in profession.
 Accommodation and open minded.
 Co- operative
 Highly trainable
 Strong leaderships
 Self- motivated
 Imaginative, Intuitive and creative
 Able to work under extensive pressure
 Young energetic, dynamic & goal oriented
 Strong organizing & time management skills