Points to consider when carrying 5 whys template Analysis

Points to consider when carrying 5 whys template Analysis

5 whys template Analysis

Points to consider when carrying out a 5 Whys template analysis

  • On average 4-5 Whys? are required to get to the root cause. If you have only filled in 1 or 2 Whys your analysis is likely to be incomplete for 5 whys template Analysis
  • Once you have got to your last Why? you should know what your corrective action taken should be as it should link to this last Why?
  • This corrective action taken is your longterm corrective action plan (s. below) and should be filled into the relevant column of your CAP.
  • Usually a longterm action will lead you to a written system, procedure or SOP, as most non-compliances arise because of a system failure.
  • Any shortterm action required would be mentioned in the right hand side column of the 5 Whys? analysis (s. below).
  • The correct reason must be identified for the non-compliance as otherwise your analysis might head in the wrong direction.
  • There can be several reasons for a non-compliance. If that is the case please carry out several root cause analysis’, as they will lead you to different corrective actions required.
  • intends to increase the FOB price on our purchases by 5% beginning January 1st 2016 and continuing until further notice.  This FOB cost increase will be added to the agreed FOB pricing negotiated between and Target Pty. Ltd.’s Buyers.   The additional FOB increase will be used by Target for further investment in the growth of our mutual businesses.
  • If your Why? question identified e.g. a lack of space you cannot ask why, as space is a premises/building limitation, but the issue is then that planning was not done according to the space available. So if you are aware of the lack of space and a non-compliance has not occurred for the first time your question must be why nobody has done anything about it yet, if the lack of space was known as 5 whys template Analysis

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