24 Hour Pest Control

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AIM: Auto  shirt Manufacturing Ltd is a purpose built factory and protected from pests and insects. We care for the health & hygiene of our workers and at the same time we care for our product safety. To make sure that all measures for controlling pests (insects, flies, fleas, rats, etc.) are taken at all manufacturing sites, warehousing sites and transportation vehicles that work for Tema .

SCOPE: Auto  shall have an agreement with any one of the reputed pest control company in the country. This procedure is applicable to all our ready-to-wear suppliers, warehouses and transporters.

Pests: Fumigation will be done every after 02(two) months in the ground floor, 3rd floor,4th floor, and outer premises. Pests are populations of living organisms (insects, fleas, flies, rats, etc.) that are undesired because of its habits or presence.

Pesticides: Special chemical that kills pests.

Suppliers:  The suppliers are bound to compliance with all the conditions stated in this       memorandum and take necessary precautions in the light of warnings provided.

Auditors: auditors will pay random visits to the suppliers to make sure that the suppliers comply with all the conditions stated in this procedure.

They give effective pest control treatment by modern instruments & latest pesticides against Mosquito, Cockroaches, Ants, Flies, Spiders, and lizards and all other flying and crawling insects & Rat.Please refer to our discussion held with you regarding annual contract for extermination of pest control of entire XYZ Garments, Savar,Dhaka. We are pleased to submit details financial and technical specification for conducting the above job.The contract will be for a period of 1(one) year beginning from your requirement. For better result we advice you routine base treatment.

Nature of Service: Residual spraying disinfestations treatment (Wherever necessary). Preventive measures are designed to keep the pest population below injury level so that infestation is developed in the stored products. They require continues program of work or disinfestations treatment on the part of the person concerned.

As the pest may re-appear from underground and surrounding area time to time due to the climatic and soil condition of our country, we suggest make annual contract for regular service.

Technical Specification: Each entry will be fitted with anti-insect lighting system to prevent insects entering in the floors after sunset. Govt. registered approved chemicals and pesticide will be applied preparing chemical and pesticide solution mix with water as directed by Department of Agriculture Extension, Plant protection wing and also recommended by world Health Organization (WHO)

Time Required: Maximum 3 to 4 hours for pest control operation.

The Above-mentioned services are yearly contract basis as per the choice of our callable clients. However our long experience reveals that contractual basis is both maximum beneficial to both the parties. So we would propose you to take routine basis.

Fumigation Certificate of 

Sparrow Trap
Sparrow Trap

House keeping shall be done daily under the supervision of Health & Safety Officer. Resonance control undertook fumigation job at the factory of XYZ garments savar, dhaka, bangladesh on 10-07-2015. During the service all insects within the factory/garments division have killed and eradicated by using sparrow trap

We now certify that, at the end of the fumugation service, the building became free of all living insect if the doors windows and other openings are kept closed.the factory is accepted to remain free from insects sparrow trap pest for at list 60 days.

General Requirements

  • External area of the factory including drains shall be cleaned at regular internal under the supervision of Security Officer. The supplier should appoint a pest control officer to develop and implement a pest control system (e.g. set up traps, spraying programme) and monitor the premises. It is also advised to employ an extermination agency to help implement such a system.
  • The pest control programme should include the following information: the name of the pest control officer who is responsible for undertaking pest control activities, pest control procedures (e.g. prevention, monitoring, corrective action), frequency of inspection or monitoring, location of bait stations and other pest traps.
  • All potential pest species in the area of manufacturing should be accounted for by the pest control officer. This information can be obtained from local authorities and extermination services.
  • Effective control measures should be put in place for every relevant species.
  • Thorough housekeeping policy should be implemented to prevent possible harbourage sites for animals where they can reproduce.
  • Boxes and containers should be kept sealed when they’re not used.
  • All boxes should be checked before they are sealed off for shipment.

Application of  24 hour pest control

Prevention of infestation and access of pests:

  • Buildings and storage facilities must be kept in good repair and condition to prevent pest access and to eliminate potential breeding sites.
  • Holes, drains and other places where pests are likely to gain access must be kept sealed, or provided with screens or similar materials that prevent the entry of pests.
  • Mesh screens should be used on windows, doors, ventilators and other openings in processing areas that may be kept open during operations, to prevent the entry of insects, birds, and other pests.
  • External doors that are not screened must be kept closed at all times when not in use.
  • Internal and external areas of the premises must be kept clean and tidy. The external environment must be checked regularly and kept free of any food source and breeding sites.
  • All windows of the factory shall be fitted with fly proof mosquito nets.
    Areas that are likely to attract flies and other insects should be sprayed, as necessary.
  • Waste materials must be kept in covered pest-proof containers, and regularly collected and disposed of.

Use of pesticides: Spraying the premises with pesticides is required at least four times a year and whenever needed.

Use of pest sparrow trap: Traps which include ultra-violet lamps, pheromone sparrow trap or any other form of attractive device should be used.

Insect monitors: Devices which detect pests and send out an instant alert whenever a pest is detected should be used.

Insect bait stations: There should be bait stations scattared across the premises.


  • Records containing the following information must be kept by the pest control officer:
  • observations from monitoring, including any evidence of pests
  • list of 24 hour pest control methods used
  • name, amount and point of use of any pesticides used
  • location of all pest sparrow trap, monitors and bait stations detailed on a map


If any of the garments or footwear manufactured by a supplier for cause a customer to complain or an injury because of any 24 hour pest control system found on the garment, then the supplier bears the responsibility of any arising legal consequences. Therefore, it is to the supplier’s interest to comply with the rules of this procedure. Auto  shrit Mfg.Ltd shall be overall responsible for the implementation of pest control policy.

Engr. Kh. Mashiur Rahman, Garments Auto Machine Technologist, Web: www.autogarment.com, Email: autogarments@gmail.com, Cell: +88 017 92 52 53 54