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What is Uster Classimate Quantum Machine
What is Uster Classimate Quantum Machine

What is Uster Classimate Quantum Machine?

Uster Classimate Quantum

Uster Classimate Quantum Machine automatically classify thick & thin places as well as foreign fibers in yarn on the basis of classing matrix.  Quality is a pre-condition for marking of any products in the present competitive yarn world market. For maintaining proper quality of products provision for a number of textile quality control equipment for testing and analyzing raw cotton to finish fabrics including computerized equipment of Uster Classimate Quantum Machine has been considered in the project cost.

KNIT APPAREL                                                                                

  Test Code #1                                                     


Fiber Content :100%Cotton,100%Linen,Ramie,Hemp,Wool,Silk and Blends

End Use :Tops,Bottoms,Dresses,Active Wear,


Test Test Method Performance Requirement
Flammability – all fabrics 16 CFR Part 1610 Class 1
Fabric Weight ASTM D3887 As specified ± 5%
Thread Count (courses/Wales) ASTM D3887 As specified ± 5%
Yarn Size ASTM D1059,D1244 As specified + 1 yarn size
Fiber Content AATCC 20/20A Single Fiber: No tolerance

Blended Fiber: ± 3%

Appearance after Laundering /Dry


Visual Inspection Satisfactory
Dimensional Stability

-after three Launderings



– after one Dry-cleaning

Following Care

Label AATCC 135/150




General Knits: ± 5%

Fleece/French Terry: ± 6%

Waffle/Rib/Ottoman: ± 8%

Wool / Silk : ± 3%

General Knits ± 3%




Method 2 Option 3

Tops: 4% Maximum

Bottoms: 3% Maximum

Stripes: 5% Maximum

Bursting Strength ASTM D3786 40 lbs.
Seam Strength



ASTM D1683

using existing seams


35% elongation or

minimum 7lbs. Pressure

Pilling Resistance ASTM D3512 Class 3.0 at 60 minutes

Class 4.0 at 30 minutes

Perspiration AATCC 15 Color change: Class 4.5

Staining: Class 4.0

pH Level AATCC 81 pH 6-8
Colorfastness to Chlorine Bleach

(If indicated by Care Label)

AATCC 61, 5A or

135 with Bleach

Color change: Class 4.0
Colorfastness to Non-Chlorine Bleach

(If indicated by Care Label)

AATCC 172 (5 cycles)

ITS Soaking Method

Color change: Class 4.0

(All Fibers 20 hours AFU exposure)

(Silk – 10Hours AFU exposure)





                                 Light -Medium Dark

Color change:                    3.5           4.0



AATCC 8/116


       Light-Medium  Dark  Special   Sulfur

Dry:       4.0            4.0      3.5       3.0

Wet:       3.0            2.5      2.5       2.0


Colorfastness to Laundering


AATCC 61/132


                   Light-Medium Dark Special Sulfur

Color Change:    4.0            4.0    4.0      3.0

Staining:            4.0            4.0    3.0      3.0

Self-Staining:      4.5            4.5    4.5      4.0

Water Repellency

(Nano/Teflon Treated Fabric)


AATCC 22 or

Dupont Method


-Original 100 (ISO5)

-After 10 Home Laundering 90 (ISO4)

-After 20 Home Laundering 80 (ISO 3)

-After 30 Home Laundering 70 (ISO 2)

Oil Repellency

(Nano/Teflon Treated Fabric)




-Original 6

-After 10 Home Laundering 5

-After 20 Home Laundering 4

-After 30 Home Laundering 4



Written By - Jony Ahmed, Lab Technologist, Osaka Japan


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