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What is Draw Frame Machine? How To Framing Textile Fibre

How to Draw Frame Machine Framing Textile Fibre

Draw Frame Machine Draw frame machine of spinning is used to transform the sliver coming from the carding into draw nsliver in cotton spinning mill. The draw frame improves the uniformity of fibers by drafting and doubling and straightens the crimped, curled and hooked fibers. The operation of draw frame is blended, doubled and leveled. Types of Draw Frame Generally draw frame machine can be categorized as Non Autoleveller Draw Frame Autoleveller Draw Frame The non auto draw frame is […]

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List of Fashion, Auto Machine, Garment and Textile Machine

List of Fashion, Garment and Textile Machine

Textiles Equipment list : Textiles equipment, Fashion machine, garment machinery, All sewing machine brands, weaving loom, textile machine, extractor machine, dyeing machine, knitting machines, sewing machine, barcode machine, yarn tester, spectroscope machine, compactor machine, wrappers, lab dryer, hopper bale opener, looms (rapier), looms (air jet), looms (water jet), looms (projectile), auto machine, looms for terry and towels is listed here. Category of Apparel and Textile Machine: Chose any textile machine from below list. Laboratory: Yarn Tester Fabric Tester Bursting Strength Tester Laboratory Dyeing Machine Mini Stenter Lab […]

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Automation System Software for Spinning Mill

Automation System Software for Spinning Mill

Software for Spinning Mill Software for spinning mill is online monitoring system which facilitates nonstop monitoring of production and power at each machine. The computerized data is processed for generating reports that help in continuous running of all operations and identify weak areas, help industries continuously to improve productivity, save costs, translating into higher profits. We have largest Garment and Textile ERP software collections in Bangladesh. We sale customized ERP for the factories.  We are agent of all Garment and […]

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