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HP Plotter A0 Safety Instructions Maintenance and Service

HP Plotter a0 Safety Instructions Maintenance and Service

HP Plotter a0: HP plotter series of intelligent ultra-high speed inkjet plotter is a friction drive roller paper sheet travel system that can be used to draw complex graphics and text, the materials include computer paper, wheat-paper, thickness 30g-400g not from and so on. HP plotter a0 series of intelligent ultra-high speed inkjet plotter not only beautiful shape and elegant, and high precision, speed, stability and compatibility (compatible with HP-GL), a variety of apparel CAD We have largest Garment and […]

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Ploter Correction with HPGL Cutting Plotter Software

Plotters Correction with Print Application Software

Cutting Plotter Software  : There are different types of  cutting plotter software is developed for printing pattern marker. HPGL is the best driver to plotters correction of garments patterns and markers. Cutting plotter software has moving direction of the plotters nozzles correct.  Output  the  width  correction  graphic  file  and  measure  the  output  line  length  in  mm with the accuracy to 0.1mm. Subtract the standard length of 1,000mm and enter the result together with the sign into the width correction box. If the […]

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What is a Plotter Machine? How to Install CAD Plotter?

What is a Plotter Machine How to Install CAD Plotter

 1. What is a Plotter : The plotter machine is easy to operate, works stably and gives high cost performance. It has the most advanced paper-feeding and-retracting function, and is very suitable for large-format engineering line maps, material layout maps, petroleum well-logs, geological survey maps, land-planning maps, etc. Plotter Machine  is the favorite of the professionals and will enable you to enjoy high-quality plots. INKJET provides efficient output for low manpower and production cost and therefore enhances your competitiveness. 2. Specification […]

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