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Mixed/ Cording/ Sequin Best Commercial Embroidery Machine

Best Commercial Embroidery Machine

Best Commercial Embroidery Machine Best commercial embroidery machine have important parts-thread tension system adopts intelligent thread caution that can detect up & down thread in just few stitches. The machine automatically switches head, embroidery methods, and automatic color change, automatically adjusts the needle heights and patterns and has winding function, sequin embroidery function and auto mending function. The ring embroidery generally includes six colors; the flat embroidery includes 9 colors, helping your embroidery machines to achieve fine embroidery results. It is equipped […]

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What is Embroidery Group or Combination Embroidery?

Embroidery Group or Combination Embroidery

1. Embroidery Group The embroidery group or combination embroidery is the new embroidery function developed on the basis of the abc embroidery series platform which features for its stable performance.   The combination sewing and embroidery machine function includes three functions, such as extension of embroidery range, increase of color number at embroidery and increase of both embroidery rang and color number. We will provide the detailed operation procedure and method on setting each function base on embroidery group.  2. How […]

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Description of Embroidery File Format e.g. Bernina Software

Embroidery File Format e.g. Bernina Software

Embroidery File Format : There are many tyeps ofembroidery file format software is developed  like singers, dst file format , melco japan, Elna, husqvarna, toyota, bernina etc . All manufacturer of embroidery software company e.g. Bernina Software have develop their own file format system for the machines. They have developed also common types of file format as it can be compatible with other machines. Bellow shown different types of embroidery file format with brand. Embroidery File Format Brand .ARD Bernina artista, OESD .ASD Melco .CND Melco condensed .CSD POEM, Singer EU, Viking […]

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