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Sizing Machine for Textile Industry Process
Sizing Machine

Sizing Machine for Textile Industry Process

Sizing Machine

Sizing machine is a weaving machine in textile mills and this machine is used by textile manufacturers to apply size material to the warp yarns before weaving. This machine is not necessary for knitting which used for textile sizing . It is used to protect the yarn from abrasion and improve the breaking strength of the yarn of textile world.

Function of  of the Machine for Textile Industry Process

  • Used for shuttle and shuttleless looms length of textile industry process
  • High speed during textile manufacturing
  • Best support after sale service for textile sizing
  • Singeing Machine and Desizing Machine is used for woven fabric also
ring size parts
Parts of Sizing Machine

Specifications of of the Machine for Ring Size

Specification of the machine for  textile industry process is given below-

[label type=”label” title=”Specifications Name”] [label type=”label” title=”Specifications Value”]
Product Category Weaving
Machine Category Sizing
Product Name Sizing Machine
Product Model According to Manufacturer
Product Class New
Origin China/India/Others
Brand/Manufacturer Name of Manufacturer
Agent In Bangladesh No/Yes
Power 63KW
Ring size Normal
Certification SGS/Others
Production Capacity 30 Piece/Pieces per Month
Range Of Application 6’s—80’s staple yarn in cotton
Weaver’s Beam Width 3200 mm
Warper’s Beam Width 1800 mm
Speed 1200 Crawling speed
Squeezing Pressure 40 kN
Drying Capacity 800 Kg/Hr
Weaver’s Beam Diameter 1000 mm
Warper’s Beam Diameter 1000 mm
Max. Winding Tension 7 kN
Motor 1.6 /2.0 Kw
Dimension 2600*5600*4300 mm
Weight 40 T
Description With automatic machine for the measurement and control of residual moisture in warp sheet.

Process definition

Sizing is a process by which films of chemicals are applied over the yarn.

  • To impart more strength in the yarn.
  • To impart more resistant to abrasion.
  • To impart flexibility in the yarn.
  • To reduce hairiness in the yarn.

Process requirement

  1. Direct warp beam sizing machine.
  2. Sectional warp beam sizing machine.

Details of warping machineries

For Head stock-1

Topics Description
M/c name BENNINGER Zell sizing machine
Manufacturer BENNINGER Co. Ltd. Germany
M/c Model BEN PRO COMB ZB – 20SWA TKE CT 4/4/4
Manufacturing year 1997
Creel capacity 20
Others Double size box, 10 drying cylinder

For Head stock – 2

Topics Description
M/c name BENNINGER Zell sizing machine
Manufacturer BENNINGER Co. Ltd. Germany
Manufacturing year 1997
Creel capacity 1 Sectional warp beam, Extra – 20 capacity
Others Single size box, Double dip, 10 drying cylinder

Both the machine is equipped with BEN SIZEMIX size cooking and storage apparatus. A total of 20 (maximum) direct warp beam can be combined and sized to make weavers beam. Moreover an additional unwinding frame provides the facility to size sectional warped beam (beam to beam)

For Head stock – 3

Topics Description
M/c name KAWAMOTO sizing machine
Manufacturer KAWAMOTO system corporation, Nagao, Japan
M/c Model MBB 923: C14 : SS20 : PSDM 1218X2
Manufacturing year 1990
Creel capacity 21
Others Single size box, Single dip, Double squeeze 14 drying cylinder.

Key accessories: Refractometer and viscosity cup.

Materials and Chemicals used:

Materials Chemicals
Adhesive materials: Like modified starch, synthetic chemicals.


Starch – Kottotex T5N

Avetex K

Gem size PS

Tap size 364

Siam modified starch

Anilose – E

Sizeanil LV – 100

Penetrose – 50


Wetting agent Quick solan SPR

Perfectly ASP

Quick solan Pec – 2

Elvanol PVA

Quick solan CMS

Texsolan ASP


Acrylic sizing agent Size CA – 20

Multitex – AS30

Trisize SY – 50


Lubricants softener Solwax – 50

Sizewax – 50

Piniwax – 300

Pinitex – K

Antifoaming agent Resplimite – BU


Fig. Chemicals used in the size bath
Fig. Chemicals used in the size bath

Factor on which recipe depends

  1. Composition of yarn
  2. Yarn count
  3. Total no. of ends
  4. Weight of yarn

Size beam width

X=Total Ends/Ends /inch

If the value of X is more than 60, then the size beam width is 72-74.

If the value of X is lower than 60, then the size beam width is 67.

Machine setup:

Parameter Machine range Set values
Sizing speed 1-120 m/min 40-45 fine count yarn

45-50 yarn dyed mtl.

50-70 solid dyed with medium count

Typical size recipe

M/c no – 1 (For Direct warp):

.                              50×40

Construction: —————- X 59″

.                            133×80

Topics Specification
Fiber composition Cotton
Weave Poplin
Total ends 7980
Warp length 6500m
Beam space 67”
Size 14%
Squeezing pressure 7.5 KN
Pick up 18.6%
Dry temperature 800c
Moisture 6.5%
Starch (T5N) 72 Kg
Wetting agent (PVA) 24 Kg
Size wax 4 Kg
Binder (Tri size) 16 Kg
Water 580 Lt.


M/c no – 2 (For sectional warp)

.                              45 x 80/2

Construction: —————- X 59″

.                             130×70

Topics Specification
Fiber composition CVC
Weave Poplin
Total ends 7670
Warp length 2548 meter
Beam space 67”
Size 14%
Squeezing pressure 8 KN
Pick up 22.6%
Dry temperature 800c
Moisture 6.5%
Starch (T5N) 73 kg
Wetting agent (PVA) 28 kg
Size wax 4 kg
Binder (Tri size) 13 kg
Water 530 lt.

 Practical Yarn Recipe 

Practical Yarn Recipe
Practical Yarn Recipe

Size cooking procedure


PVA (10 minute steamed 700c)

Starch (30 minute steamed 900c)

Size + Wax

Steam (20 minute at 900c)

Cooked size

Determination of size% by Refractometer

Take the meter

Cooked size collect

Give on the tip of the matter

Observed the scale inside

Rating find in the scale

Determination of viscosity by viscosity cup

Take the viscosity cup

Collect the cooked size in the cup

Determination the time required to drop out the liquor from the bottom hole of the cup

If 22-30 second required then the viscosity is OK

 Sizing fault and their remedies

Fault name Causes Remedies
Uneven sizing a.       Worn out pressure roller.

b.      Incorrect size level in size box.

c.       Higher viscosity.

a.       Change or grinding pressure roller.

b.      Proper level of size in box.

End missing a.       Weak yarn.

b.      Excessive speed.

a.       Tension and speed. according to quality.
Joint end a.       Improper leasing.

b.      Improper combing.

a.       Proper leasing.

b.      Proper combing

Excessive dried a.       Low speed a.       Proper speed should be maintained.
Wet warp a.       High speed a.       Proper speed should be maintained
Pattern breaking a.       End missing.

b.      Improper leasing.

a.       Proper leasing should be controlled
Conical beam a.       Mechanical fault in winding a.       Repair mechanical fault.
Excessive hard or loose beam a.       PVI (Pressure Variable Index) not work properly. a.       Maintenance of the PVI box.

List of  Others Weaving machinery

Section Brand name
Winding section FADIS Winder
RJK Winder.
HARISH Winder.
Warping section KAWAMOTO High speed warping m/c
BENNINGER High speed warping m/c
BENNINGER Sectional warping m/c
Sizing section BENNINGER Zell sizing m/c.
Weaving section TOYOTA Air jet loom
SOMET Rapier loom
Quality assurance section Thread counter
G. S. M tester
Measuring tape
Alphatens tensile strength tester
Elmendorf tearing tester 1653
Alphatens seam slippage tester
Nu-Martindle Abrasion & Pilling tester
ICI pilling box
Roaches thermal stability tester
Shirley crease recovery tester
Gyro wash fastness tester
Perspirometer & Carbonile water fastness tester
Perspirometer & Carbonile sweat fastness tester
Light fastness tester
Wascator washing stability tester

Maintenance of sizing machinery

Problem 1: Creel housing vibration.

Solve – Change the key of creel housing.

Problem 2: Pressure does not adjust properly.

Result: Uneven sizing.

Cause: Worn out pressure roller.

Remedies: Grinding the roller/ Change the roller.

Problem 3: Winding tension does not correct

Result: Hard/loose warp beam.

Cause: PVI box does not work correctly.

Remedies: Maintenance of PVI box of Sizing Machine

 [1] Md. Ferdus Alam, B.Sc. in Textile Engineering, Southeast University, Cell # 1723300700,  Email- ferdus.j@gmail.com



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