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Multicolor Screen Print Machine prints with Custom Ink
Multicolor Screen Print Machine prints with Custom Ink

An Overview of Multicolor Screen Print Machine

Multicolor Screen Printing Machine:

multicolor screen print machine is printing techniques in which multicolor ink is applied directly to the surface to be printed on garments. Screen prints unit with pneumatic controller can be assembled with an adjustable vacuum sucking to effectively improve the positioning precision for screen printing process. This multicolor screen printing machine have 1-8 color rotating high speed printers. Screen prints can print various patterns with printing techniques at the high speed and print fabrics, bands, paper bands, and elastic ribbon.

Types of Color Screen Print Machine:

  • Multicolor screen print machine
  • Single color fabric screen print machine
  • 1 color fabric screen print machine
  • 2 color printing screen print machine
  • 4 color screen printing press
  • 5 color fabric screen print machine
  • 6 color fabric screen print machine
  • 8 color fabric screen print machine

1 Color Fabric Screen Print Machine:

The standard printing area of 1 color is 600x400mm. The frame size of this machine is 600x400mm. This is very speedy machine. Dimension of the machine is small may be 1850x950x1350 mm.

2 Color Printing Machine:

It supports two colors. It has pneumatic integration and electric automatic control equipped with high precision controller. Generally reliable and stable. Adjustable vacuum air for pneumatic controller unit. It save manpower and time. It is easy to operate. It save energy. The drying system employs the hot air circulation.

Multicolor Screen Printing Process Requirements:

  • Must be suitable for the material/ product/ treatment
  • Must follow the artwork
  • Must be correctly positioned, according to instructions
  • Must be properly graded
  • Must have the correct hand feel, according to instructions
  • Must withstand the products wash and wear

Specifications of Multicolor Screen Print Machine:

Specifications NameSpecifications Value
Product CategoryPrinting
Machine CategoryScreen Print Machine
Product NameMulticolor Screen Print Machine
Product ModelAccording to Manufacturer
Product ClassNew
OriginMade in China
Brand/ ManufacturerName of Manufacturer of textile printing
Agent in BangladeshNo/Yes
Production CapacityNA
Printing colorTwo color
Printing Area360*260mm
Frame Size600*400mm
DescriptionThe servo motor is used for textile printing with high precision can make the machine run stably and safely.

Feature of Multicolor Screen Printing :

multicolor screen printing
Multicolor Screen Print Machine
  • Screen printing process is equipped with full servo system to pull bands: with the photoelectric chasing it can print for the 2nd time, disabling the defects that the bands are incorrectly pulled to their position because that the general pneumatic motor has inadequate pressure
  • The control circuit system for screen printing process is Japanese PLC, making it very simple, reliable and stable in control the electric circuit.
  • AIRTAC cylinder and servo motor control are adopted respectively for the textile printing move and table move.
  • The fixed position of textile printing route and mesh printing plate can be adjusted to print areas with different printing techniques.
  • Infrared ray drying ink which is adopted for the drying system for textile printing
  • The Screen Prints System employs the hot air circulation.
  • All type of screen print machine works with custom ink. The custom ink prices may be vary.
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